Rush Hour 2 (2001)

Synopsis: Detectives Carter and Lee pick up exactly where they left off in the sequel to the surprise 1998 hit. This time, after landing in Hong Kong, where Lee is supposed to be showing Carter a good time, he is instead working hard on a new case involving an international ring of counterfeiters. Carter, now a loud-mouth fish-out-of water in Hong Kong, messes up at every turn, once more landing the serious, dedicated Lee in hot water. Among the counterfeiting ring are a Triad Boss played by John Lone, a vicious hit-woman played to the hilt by Zhang Zi-Yi (she of Crouching Tiger fame) and a mysterious undercover customs agent played by Rosalyn Sanchez. 

Debbie's Review: As I type, Rush Hour 2 has passed the $200 million mark in the US alone, landing it in the top 25 money-makers of all time, and is still doing well in theaters. $200 million worth of movie tickets can’t be wrong, can they? Well, at least half of the reviewers thought so. I guess that doesn't mean much, but I have to admit that I agree more with the negative reviews than the positive ones.  Whether or not you love this movie will depend on two words: Chris Tucker. He’s big, he’s loud, and he’s in your face throughout the entire film, constantly screwing up Lee’s investigation, startling the bewildered locals, butchering the Cantonese language, and throwing racial insults like confetti. Does he make me laugh? Well, yeah...but so does a finger jabbed into my rib cage. Trouble is, I get tired of it real fast.

What Rush Hour 2 relies on for its success (and boy, is it successful!) is simply and solely the chemistry of Chan and Tucker: no directing, no script…just Tucker and Chan being Chan and Tucker. Director Brett Ratner confessed to using Las Vegas as a location because he likes to gamble, and he must have been off shooting craps while Tucker was ad-libbing and Chan was inventing his well staged, although still too short, fight scenes.

On the plus side, there's lots more action in this one than the first, and if the fights are still not up to par with Jackie’s Hong Kong stuff, I don't think anybody really expects that any more. But they are fresh and clever, and he even uses Chris as a prop in one fun fight staged in a massage parlor. And once I got over being angry that there was no big one-on-one fight between Jackie and Zhang Zi-Yi, I really enjoyed Jackie’s choreography in the match between Zhang and Tucker. 

I wasn’t expecting much in the way of story or plot. After all, it’s only a comedy. But the first was an action-comedy: the drama truly was dramatic, and there was a tension to the action that is utterly lacking in the second installment. This time around it’s pure farce, and Tucker with his girlish squealing and total indifference to anything resembling police procedure is so completely unbelievable as an LAPD detective that it almost spoils the film for me. The first Rush Hour was like Lethal Weapon meets Enter the Dragon. This one is like Abbot and Costello meet Charley Chan.  The dialogue lacks the freshness of the original, and spends far too much time having Jackie repeat Chris's jokes from the first. The first time is funny, but by the end of the film you're wondering if all the writers were off shooting craps with Ratner instead of working on the script. About half of Jackie's lines sound like they were written by Tucker for Carter's character.

The film is definitely helped by the supporting actors, who are outstanding this time: Zhang Zi-Yi is sublimely evil, John Lone is icy-cool and elegant, as all the best bad guys are, and Rosalyn Sanchez provides a startlingly steamy love-interest/sex object for Jackie (yes, you read that right!). Don Cheadle also has a wonderful cameo as the owner of a Chinese Soul Food restaurant whose kung fu is really impressive, and made me wonder if it's too late for Lee to switch partners.

Barring an act of God, a Rush Hour trilogy (at least) is now a foregone conclusion, so I can only hope that Ratner won’t try getting away with this again.  Next time they’ll have to come up with a real script, because part 2 already recycled all the best jokes from part 1. They can’t possibly think that Jackie will be able to continue parroting back all Chris’s old adlibs forever. (Or can they?) 

But don’t mind me. Go see it, you’ll laugh yourself silly. 

Score: 7/10

Reader Reviews

KUNG FU SUPERCOP's Review:  HILLARIOUS FILM.Just as funny as the first.I have only seen 2 movies in the theaters (im going to see around the world in 80 days soon)This movie is one of them.Anyway they both go to hong kong and follow around a bad guy who was chans dads partner.They also team up with this girl.The fights are also good.I also saw the medallion in the theaters.Anyway good movie watch this movie also

Score: 9/10

jhk's Review:  this is a good movie. i think this is 1 of jackies best movies. chris tucker is hillarious wen he fights the girl in the end. all he ever does is yell and dodge and run away! hahah! this is 1 of jackie chans best

Score: 10/10

Zargo's Review: Rush Hour 2 is very funny, and just very fun in general, it's just a pity it wastes the talents of people like Ziyi Zhang (who I adore) and John Lone. Ziyi is playing a character which was originally meant to be two, but Ratner realised he has someone exceptional in Ziyi, so combined the role. Pity she's completly wasting her time though, in a poor choice of role for her first english language movie (though she doesn't speak any). Watch 'The Road Home' to see a brilliant movie where her talents are showcased to the fullest. John Lone is also a talented man who had been kinda missing off the movie scene for a few years before this. Pity he only has a handful of scenes, and gets little chance to do anything interesting. Yep, this movie is just Chan and Tucker through and through, which is ok because I personally don't find him annoying. It is odd how the latter hasn't turned up in anything else lately. As much as i enjoy both Rush Hour films though, I think it's time for Jackie to do something a little different, he's been in enough 'buddy' movies to last him a while now, we all know he's more than capable of holding a movie up on his own. 

Score: 8/10

Mike's Review: This movie was good. It wasnt one of his best. Chris Tucker makes many jokes in this one. The funniest seen i think is at the end when they both jump through the window and Chris Tucker shouts 'crazy ass'. The best fighting scene is probably in 'Heaven and Earth'The bloopers at the end are very funny.

Score: 9/10

Alan's Review:  A lot of humor,lot of action,small fights :( Good film.

Score: 8/10

CHANFAN's Review: This movie has a lot of verbal comedy by Chris Tucker which leads many american audiances to conclude that this is the best jackie chan film in the new decade. Even though this movie is much better than the first one, its overrated. Jackie, dissapointed with this film, as he is with most of his American films, went back to HK and made Accidental Spy, which I liked much better. This is definitly a great movie as an action comedy but mostly comedy: as far as action goes Accidental Spy has the upper hand.

Score: 7/10

HERVEY TAYLOR's Review: Once again, this is another COOKIE CUTTER Hollywood movie. And, once again I tried to be positive about seeing another Hollywood Chan movie. I liked Shanghai Noon, it was pretty good. If anyone read my review about the first Rush Hour, then you know where I stand on it.
I hated the first one, the second one was more enjoyable though. However, it still gave me that same feeling of "I hope Jackie will do some great stuff in this one."
I was wrong. It was funny at times. And Zhang Ziyi was ravishinly sexy!! Oh my Goodness!! She can have my apples any day!
Anyway, the good about this movie was Zhang Ziyi, and The Hispanic woman. Also that it was kind of funny at times. But again, Tucker was cracking on Chan and his voice was way too anoying.
I'm black and of course I like African American comedians, but Tucker is annoying in the Rush Hour films. If he's SOOOO funny, why hasn't he made another movie after the first Rush Hour? Just a question.
Anyway, the comedy cookie cutter lovers will get a "Tucker kick" out of this movie.

Score: 5.8/10

Drunken Go Player's Review: One of the best pair in the Hollywood movies are back, and this one is surely better than the first one.
Jackie Chan plays Inspector Li who's trying to show Detective Carter (Chris Tucker) some good time (what mushu?  You hungry?) while working his butt off.
This film takes place mainly in Hong Kong and Las Vegas.  Jackie Chan's heart-pounding action and Tucker's hilarious but racial jokes matches up fantastically.  The whole movie is enjoyable, and not like the first one, there are some gorgeous actresses in this movie.  Zhang Zi Yi (I worship her) and some Spanish chick portrays cold blooded assasin and an undercover agent.
Enough about the funny parts.  The action sequences are full, funny, and exciting.  The only thing that holds the leg is the length of the fight scenes, which barely lasts 5 minutes.  Still, the massage parlor fight scene and Jackie's little kung-fu show down with, um, what was that black dudes name?..., the guy who dressed up like Chinese is quite entertaining. [Debbie's note: that's Don Cheadle!]

Score: 8/10

Relwar's Review: This movie is hilarious definetley better than the 1st Rush Hour. In evrey part there is some kind of comedy. You must go and bye it!

Score: 10/10

Chandler's wife's Review: I love this movie!!  I laughed my *** off!!!  But I wish that Matthew Perry would be in a movie with Jackie coz he's also my fave and they could make good partners.  That could be really funny.  Imagine Inspector Lee bumps into Chandler Bing or whatever character Matthew is?
Enough with chandler and I just wanna say that this movie is very very funny.  I love this.  They should make a lot of Rush Hours, from 3 to eternity.

Score: 9/10

Jackie&Jet's Review: This movie is a true comedy.  In almost every scene with Jackie and Chris, there is some kind of comedic scene. My favorite part is where Jackie and Chris were in the Triad's truck.  Chris asks Jackie what are they gonna do to them and Jackie responds "...and they will cut off our egg roles." HAHA

Score: 15/10

Manny's Review:THE GREATEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Score: 10/10

Homer J's Review: In a ironic parallel to the review I wrote of the first movie, this review along with the film adheres to an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" ideology.

The first Rush Hour was the film that truly broke Jackie to the western market, despite it containing watered down action compared to his Hong Kong work. The second Rush Hour was less watered, although still pretty weak, but crucially, the $250 million+ box office firmly established Jackie as serious box office draw material in the US. For this, I am thankful.

Yes, the fights are too short, yes Chris Tucker is STILL in there (although I don't find him annoying as some), yes Brett Ratner steered this film as if it was on autopilot, but after the box office results, I really don't mind that much.

However, IMO, there should definetly NOT be a Rush Hour 3. The premise of these films is slim to say the least and given the very valid points that have been made regarding the fact that much of the comedy from the first was recylcled into the second suggests that there is very little scope left for a third film to be based around. The third would be an unwise step backward for Jackie, and I'm pretty certain would be less successful than the second.

Both these films have provided Jackie with the opportunity to finally conquer the US, now he needs to wave them goodbye and thank them for what they have done for him.

Jackie is better than this, anyone who checks out his earlier Hong Kong work knows that. Jackie can safely move on to projects that he has more creative control over and then the western market will REALLY see what this guy can do!

Overall, RH2 is more of the same in all departments, its light, funny (to a point) and entertaining. I am thankful for the incredible exposure this has given to Jackie, but it is time for him to venture to US pastures new.

Score: 7/10

Wendy's Review: * SPOILERS*Well here goes nothin'. My review of Rush Hour 2 isn't all great. A large proportion of you all will probably disagree with what I have written and that's OK because we all don't like the same things. That is what makes everyone unique. So here is my review, and I will be shielding myself from the rotten fruit that will more than likely come my way.

Having driven down to Perth (1,500kms) without knowing that slowly but surely the oil filter on the car was coming loose. The first morning in Perth I start the car up to find my mother's drive way covered with oil. I decided to cheer myself up and go and watch Rush Hour 2. I needed a sweet familiar face to escape from the realism that the engine could have blown up out in the middle of nowhere with only myself and a nine year old to tackle the problem.

I hand over $24 to the cashier and walked into the theatre to sit and wait for the movie to start. I was disappointed to find that only 10 people were at the theatre and the movie only opened 2 days previously.

It starts out nice seeing Jackie singing away and having a good time with Chris Tucker in the car. I have a smile on my face, and thinking, ""Yep, this is what I need"". Then the worst thing happened and it continued down hill from there…. Chris Tucker opened up his mouth. Could someone please explain to me WHY did that man have to go through the whole movie shouting? Surely the sound man wasn't THAT deaf! At the end of the movie I was honestly glad it was over so that I didn't have to hear his voice anymore. His screeching reminded me of a mosquito that you can hear in the bedroom at night and you turn the light on and you can't find the darn thing. You waste 2 hours of precious sleep time just trying to find the winged kamikaze. You then resort to flyspray and asphyxiate yourself in the process. Completely annoying is what I am trying to say.

Back to the movie…The fight scenes where very innovative and imaginative. It's a shame the script wasn't (more of that later). Hats off to Jackie and the guys for coming up with some brilliant fight sequences. The bamboo scaffolding fight, which reminded me of Project A 2 a bit. The fight scene in the massage parlor was fast and furious and very Jackie, but it was too short. I needed to see Jackie in that robe a little bit more…hahahaha. The casino fight sequences were really good and I personally liked 2 of them, the cashiers counter slip under the bars and also the cupboard one where Jackie is opening and closing the doors and drawers…very well done.

I did notice that the fight scenes weren't long enough, for me anyway. The bamboo fight scene, I can see now why everyone was complaining, it was shot way too close. I couldn't see what was happening, who was who and where everyone was in proportion to Jackie. It's a shame; it would have been and could have been a wonderful scene.

The remarks coming out of Tuckers mouth weren't really needed. Not only the racial quips but also the constant remarks on Jackie's and the other Asians' height (Snoopy is 6"" taller than you, He's a midget (talking about Ricky Tan), get him some clothes from the kids department). Plus also a remark on someone's piece of family jewels because he was Asian. There are many other things in life to make fun of. If the scriptwriter really sat and thought about it, he could have come up with some funny gags. The jokes were starting to get lazy and stupid. They definitely need to polish up on the jokes before Rush Hour 3. They should go to the Billy Connolly school of comedy. He's jokes/stories have the 'F' word in them, but they are smart and make you think.

I don't think the words, ""slow down baby"" should have been included for Lee's character. Just having him say something in Cantonese would have been just as good. He was talking to himself anyway, and when you talk to yourself in situations you speak your own language. Carter still said, "what did you say?", so it wouldn't have taken anything away from the story. They could have made it more interesting if they didn't subtitled that particular verse if Jackie spoke Cantonese. They would have had all of us lot running around asking, ""What did Jackie say…what…what…what?"" And while I am on the subject of girls and Tucker, is it me or did it seem that he was on heat constantly?

I also found some similarities with the first Rush Hour as well. Like the rest of you, I have watched it more than once and when I watched RH2 certain scenes clicked in the ol' grey matter and they reminded me of RH.

There is a scene when Roselyn Sanchez says to Jackie and Chris that they are now working for the CIA, then later on she states to her boss that they have now gotten Lee and Carter out of the way so the CIA can do their job. Similar to the sub-plot to RH when Carter becomes an ""FBI agent"" and has to keep Lee out of the FBI's way, and also not knowing that they want Carter out of the way too.

The other familiar scene was when Lee and Carter are out of the truck with the Chinese statues and Lee gives Carter a lift to the top of the truck and then wants to be lifted up but Carter disappears. Lee is left having to give the two thugs the lights out demonstration. Carter shows up and Lee asks, ""where were you? You left me!"" The RH scene that comes to mind is when they are in downtown LA and Lee tells Carter that the S.W.A.T. team shouldn't go into the building. Carter tells Lee to go and tell the FBI guys. Lee does that and then turns around to look for Carter…. Gone. Lee finds Carter and says, ""Where were you?""

Again…. In the casino, when Carter is telling everyone to get out because of the bomb that was or is (can't remember) in Jackie's mouth. RH scene when Carter gets everyone out of the Chinese exhibit by stating there's a bomb in the building.

Again, again…Carter has a face off with Zhang Ziyi's character in RH2. Carter has a face off with the Chinese thug in RH. The final similarity to RH1 and 2 was the last scene. Where does RH1 end? In an airport. Where does RH2 end? In an airport.

A word to the script writers. Don't watch Rush Hour while you are writing the script for the sequel! Bad move guys!!!!

There is one scene that just bugged the heck out of me and was quite stupid when you think about it. After Lee's office explodes, everyone including Lee and the rest of the police officers assume Carter was dead. NOW, these are police officers right? After an explosion there are remnants of human tissue and parts. Helllooooo…. did they not look for this? Or maybe they thought that the explosion was SO big that Carter's remains evaporated into thin air (nice thought). I know it's just a movie and I'm being too realistic, but it did get to me.

It would have been better to have Lee help put the fire out with his fellow officers and then find that there was no Carter. Even have a little suspense with Lee lifting up an over turned desk to find Carter not there. Then have Lee running all over Hong Kong in a panic trying to find Carter. This would show the devotion of friendship with the Lee and Carter characters.

The same in the first RH. It makes me cringe when I see the scene were the S.W.A.T team is in the building trying to find the thug who just made the call to the ambassador. No one is there and then the phone rings…AND THEY PICK IT UP!!!! What type of S.W.A.T. team is this?!? 

My final words on this movie. If it wasn't for Jackie's fight scenes and charm there is no way this movie would have made what it did. Why hadn't Chris Tucker done a movie after Rush Hour and until Rush Hour 2? No one was stupid enough to hire him! 

Jackie's fighting style and creativity is getting candy coated by Hollywood and Jackie, if he keeps going in this direction, will have such a hard shell on his work he won't be able to break out of it and will be type cast with ""buddies"" for the rest of his Hollywood career.

If there is going to be a Rush Hour 3 and it is in the same genre as this one, I won't waste my money. Give me something totally original, no joke left overs and no similarities and I will seriously think about seeing RH3.

Score: 7/10

Your Mom's Review: This movie is great. I hope they're making a Rush 3,4, and 5

Score: 10000000/10

DAnester's Review: hey ya'll, what' krakin...well im just  here to say something real quick.  this movie rocks!!!  it is hilarious. it may not have as much action as his other movie, but this is the way to go. its got tons and tons of laughs and kick butt action scenes.  do u understand the words that are coming out of my mouth...sure u do, u go out and buy it. watch it, enjoy, and start over again.  i would strongly suggest purchasing it for dvd. it dvd has tons of extras and really cool comentary. not only is it action packed but there are a lot of hot girls.  especialy the girl with the snoopy tattoo.. whewwww weeeee! and dont forget heaven on earth! hell yeah...well anyways go out and get it and you'll love it. if u dont ur just losing it...
ps. any hot girls out their reading this, e mail me. im 15 in california..laterz
fo sho fo sho!!!

Score: 15/10

 Badre"Egyptpower" Bally's Review: The best Jackie Chan Hollywood movie ever! Both Jackie and Tucker make a great Action Comedy team, The Great one has clearly made a name for himself in the Hollywood records since this is considered to be the HIGHEST EARNING ACTION COMEDY EVER!!! The movie has won more money than the Lethal Weapon movies, their are plans for a another sequel.Boy I can't wait!!

Score: 10/10

T Review: Personally having seen rush hour 2 45 times i have to admit i would watch it all the time cause i really like that movie rush hour 1 was funny but rush hour 2 is hallarious....

Score: 10/10

Danny's Review: The movie is very funny and also the action astonished me. Chris Tucker is funny. Jackie Chan can do incredibly stunts. The script isn't that simple but the story is incredible. Chris Tucker musn't speak that much because it's a little bit boring. I hope there's gonna be a third movie.

Score: 9/10

Emma Munday's Review:  Brill!!!!! When i watched it i was so amazed by jackies stunts! I could not choose between the first rush hour or the second.

Score: 10/10

Ojje's Review: I think that this film is Chan's best film in America his fighting skills are not the best of Chan. But good funny outstanding movie .with a lot of action and a brilliant plot. My favorite part of the movie is the woman having a fight wiht Tucker and when Tucker sings at the start, but other good scenes as well. I think some people who like action will think that this movie is perfect. I have not seen the first one. I seeing it on Chirmas Eve. If it is like this movie i will really enjoy it.

Score: 9/10

Bharat Bhatia's Review: Rush Hour 2 was a blast! The bamboo fight scene was the best part of the
movie. I was surprised to see it in an American movie. It was better than most of his Hong Kong movies.

I agree that Chris Tucker should shut his mouth a bit. He was funny, but his jokes were a bit redundant. 

Jackie's last 3 consecutive American movies were all buddy movies. It would be nice to see something different. I personally think he should try doing an epic. Look at Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I think that fits Jackie best. It should take place in ancient or medieval china and use the fighting style of Drunken Master 2. I wonder if his upcoming movie "Sun Tzu's Art of War" will be anything like a kung fu version of Braveheart.


Oliver's Review: This is Jackie's best Hollywood film, I Liked it more then the first one and I think my jaw still sitting laughing on the theater... I have just one thing to say. Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Score: 9/10

Jade's Review: This is a fabulous movie. While it's not Jackie Chan's best movie, it is definately better than his other '00-- movies; and it is MUCH better than Rush Hour 1...or is it still just Rush Hour. The main problem I had with RH2, was not Chris Tucker..he's great..but the short fight scenes. It seemed as if the only one worth anything in the movie was the fight in the massage parlor against Rickie Tan's goons. Contrary to what seems to be a popular belief, Chris Tucker is not loud and obnoxious. I found his tirade in the casino was hillarious. The other great part that illustrates how well Jackie and Chris work together is at the beginning when Jackie is "translating".

Overall, this is a fabulous movie, and the only reason I didn't give it 10/10 was for the frustratingly short fight scenes.

Score: 9/10

Laura's Review:  This movie is a definite must see. I'm a very quiet person but this movie proved me wrong. There is no way anybody can just sit there without laughing till you get a stomach ache. It was so good the theaters were packed.

Brendan's Review: This movie isn't quite as good as the prequel, but is pretty cool anyway. If you like Chris Tucker's style of comedy, as I do, then you'll probably laugh yourself silly during this one. The fights are okay, particularly the one in the massage parlour, but are not great. Some hardcore Chan fans would see this as a disappointment, but it's okay. Like the first, the fight scenes are much shorter, and not of as high a quality, but that's really to be expected for a Hollywood-made Chan flick.

Score: 6/10

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