Enter the Dragon (1973)

Jackie was a teen-aged stunt man on this one, and has the dubious honor of getting his neck snapped by the Great One, Bruce Lee. Opera brother Sammo Hung actually gets to fight with Lee at the beginning of the film, and if you look really hard, you can pick out Yuen Biao, Mars and other familiar faces from Jackie's early films. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see this one myself yet, so I invite reviews from those who have!


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KUNG FU SUPERCOP's Review: Cool flick.This is not a jackie chan movie though it is a bruce lee movie.Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial artists in the world.Lee is a kung fu instructor that goes undercover to a tournament held by a killer.His friends are john saxon and jim kelly.He investigates at night.After when han finds out about this he sends all his evil henchman (including Bolo yeung,Jackie chan and the other bad guy from return of the dragon also starring bruce lee).They all get into a rumble while Lee and han fight in the famous mirror room scene where bruce lee gets scratched.Very good film but we all know Fists of Fury was the best film. Notice:In enter the Dragon Bruce and han both jump and bruce kicks han across the face and in fists of fury Bruce kicks the big boss across the face

Score: 8/10

Super Dragon's Review: A cameo apperance by Jackie chan and others.this is a Bruce lee film.Its about A man that goes undercover as a martial artist in a tournament held by a killer on his private island.It is an excellent film but my 3rd favorite bruce lee film (my favorite was fists of fury).If you see it avalible buy it

Score: 8/10

Funky Dragon's Review:You can find this bruce lee movie anywhere.It was the first american kung fu film. Its about a kung fu instructor who goes undercover to a tournament to investigate on a man named han.If you like bruce lee you should get it.I will give you my favorite bruce lee movies in order from favorite to least favorite.
1.The chinese connecion
2.Fists of fury
3.Enter the Dragon
4.Return of the dragon
5.Game of Death
This is the first bruce lee movie i ever saw.But why is it on the jackie chan review page.He was only in 2 scenes.

Score: 8.5/10

???'s Review: Ok so Jackie Chan was a stuntman but still i like bruce lee.This movie is about a martial artist who goes undercover as a fighter.This is my 3rd favorite bruce lee movie(my favorite is the chinese connection and 2nd favorite is fists of fury)

Score: 7/10

Jonathon's Review:  A martial arts classic, one every fan of the genre should watch.Jackie Chan is barely in the film, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't watch this film.

Score: 9.5/10

ivind Aas' Review: My Title: "James Bond in China," or "Chinese James Bond."

The plot: A kung fu master named Lee (Bruce Lee) from the Shaolin Temple gets hired by a British spy company. His mission is to travel to an island where it is a karate contest. The one who owns the island is called "Han". He is always making drugs and he has only one hand. And when Lee finds out that he is the one who killed his sister he is ready to take revenge and ready for the ultimate battle. But will he succeed? (Of course he will I mean, hello? Its Bruce Lee!) 

Review: Ok this may not be a Jackie Chan movie, it is really a Bruce lee movie. But Jackie is in the movie as one of "Han`s" guards who is getting his nuts kicked by a girl and his neck broke by Bruce lee (Not in reality). Jackie was also a stuntman in this film.

In fact you will see another familliar face in the movie. And that is Jackie Chan`s best friend Sammo Hung. He is playing a boxing champion who fights against Bruce Lee and guess what Bruce Lee wins! This is "a must see" for a Bruce Lee fan. So here is my suggestion when you are gonna buy this film: set the video tape or dvd cd in the video/dvd player. Sit back on your sofa and enjoy.

This was Bruce Lee`s last movie.

In the loving memory of Bruce lee 1940-1973. 

Score: 9/10

Brendan's Review: This is one GREAT MOVIE! One of the greatest martial arts/action flicks EVER. The fact that so many of the characters in the movie are great martial artists helped no doubt. Not a Jackie movie, but is a fantastic effort from the legendary Bruce Lee (RIP). AWESOME FIGHTS AND CHOREOGRAPHY!!!! You must see this- it is truely a classic!!!!

Score: 9/10


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