Synopsis: (From back cover) “In the Japanese theater of war, during WW2, Jackie Chan joins a crack commando unit organized to retake a fortune stolen by the enemy during a bloody raid.  The group is led by the mysterious “Devil Sergeant,” who ruthlessly leads the men through increasingly vicious battles as they near their objective.  But Jackie soon finds himself caught in a deadly double cross, and faces a battle unrivaled in screen violence.  With the lives of hundreds of resistance fighters at stake, Jackie’s forces have no choice—they must prevail.” 

Debbie's Review:  This movie is nothing like what the cover suggests (which is typical of these older re-releases that attempt to cash in on Jackie’s fame). It’s a goofy comedy which, although it has its own kind of screwball charm I suppose, tries way too hard to be funny. It’s got everything from references to Rambo and James Bond, to Nazis to vampires. However, Jackie has three really entertaining scenes in this film, which was the second of three favors he owed to Jimmy Wang Yu in return for helping him escape from Lo Wei and the Hong Kong triads early in his career. Wang is the star of the film, not Jackie, and it also features the beautiful Bridgett Lin. Jackie plays a sort of wandering con-man/thief with a female partner.

His first scene is a hilarious mock-fight with a gigantic Japanese fellow. The sparring match begins with a game of one-up-manship involving who’s got a bigger cigar, followed by a bit of priceless kung-fu clowning. In Jackie’s second scene (very short), he and his female partner try to rob the commando unit, and not only do they walk away empty handed, but Jackie can’t even coax a kiss out of Lin (even by making an adorable pair of fish-lips at her!) In the third, and funniest scene, Jackie winds up fighting a group of ninjas clad in short leopard skins, and it’s not until he accidentally winds up grabbing one by the front of the shirt that he realizes they are women. The series of expressions that cross his face as he explores her shirt are some of the funniest I’ve ever seen!

The final scene, an all-out battle between Jackie and Wang, is surprisingly entertaining, and actually lasts for quite a few minutes. If you are a completist, this one does have some interesting Jackie moments, but the movie as a whole is uneven, silly, and much too violent for a comedy.

Score: 3/10

Reader Reviews

KUNG FU SUPERCOP's Review: Only one way to say this:Amazing film in HK cinema history.So weird its excellent.Jackie Chan is not I reapeat not the star of the film.He is In the film for a couple of scenes but look on the bright side,he fights in the final fight and is the only character besides his buisness partner who does not die.No one know's the realese date.It could be 1979,1982,1984 or 1985.I think its from 1979. The star is not even Wang yu(the killer meteors)It is Brigette lin(police story) The story starts off as the 4 major generals getting caught by the japenese.Then About the choise of people until they choose don wen.Don wen gets his old soldiers to help him.They go through numerous misadventures and they meet Jackie chan a couple of times. Cameo apperance by Adam Cheng.

Score: 8/10

O Review: Just a few minutes with some nice moves the rest SUCKS* This one is a real sleeping movie and dont drink some coke just to stay awake... it isn't worth it for this one.
Without Jackie I had give this one 0/10 but Jackie doin some nice things so...

Score: 1/10

Joe's Review: I don't know, it wasn't that bad to me. In fact, I haven't seen it for a real long time so I will go do that right now. From what I remember, there's lots of violence, and some comedy. You might hate it, but just hang loose and you might be enjoying it.

Score: 5/10

Brendan's Review: Man, this movie sucks. Ranking alongside NEW FIST OF FURY as having the worst and most incoherent storyline of any movie, EVER, this is crap, in one word. Jackie only appears for about 10-15 minutes, and has one okay fight scene, but it doesn't redeem this "movie". Again, standard kung-fu plot for the time. You notice with these reviews that I don't do much plot discussion-that's because there isn't one in this movie. Was more violent than your average Jackie film, but in reality is not really a Chan flick. Pretty bad.

Score: 3/10

The People's Chan's Review: This is a little old, and Wang Yu is the star, not the Chanster. A few okay fight scenes, but the plot is a total waste of time.

Score: 2.5