Rumble in Hong Kong (1972)
aka Police Woman; Young Tiger

Synopsis: (From back cover) “Ho Mei Fong is a young woman caught up in a gang and trying desperately to get out.  The gang will stop at nothing to hunt her down.  While on the run she steps into the cab of Chien Chin, an honest and hardworking cabdriver.  She dies en route to the hospital.  Chien Chin then becomes the target of the ruthless gang, who believe he has Ho Mei Fong’s purse.  Jackie Chan stars as the blood-thirsty leader of the gang, who with his band of thugs will stop at nothing to find it.  Helping Chien out is Ho Mei Fong’s long lost sister, a police woman and martial arts master.  Together they try to unlock the mystery of the missing purse and recover it before the gang does them in.”

Debbie's Review: This is a very early, non-starring role with Jackie in a small part as a nasty, vicious punk. I paid $4 for this on DVD, and even that was too much. Not only does he have to share the screen with a frighteningly large, furry mole clinging to his chin, but the pan-and-scan version I have (from Front Row Features) usually chops Jackie out of the picture in favor of whoever he happens to be standing next to at the time: pretty ironic, considering the whole disgusting mess is being billed as a "Jackie Chan Movie."

The film itself is boring, with not much of a story, and badly staged fights, including an extended fight near the end between Jackie and the good guy. (Jackie loses, of course.) Some of Jackie’s early roles are fun to check out, but this ain't one of them.

Score: 1/10

Reader Reviews

Chan-o-rama's Review: THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, lets get serious. IT SUCKED. Plain and simple. I could take a 6-pack out into the streets, convince some hobos to come with me, put them in Hamlet, and still get better reviews than Little Tiger of Canton. Some people may think that's a little harsh, but they are obviously on dope, or they just havent seen the movie yet. I think i speak for everyone on this floating rock which we call Earth, save your money, its just not worth it.

Score: 0/10

Jewel's Review:  This movie never was released in Germany so I haven't seen it until today.
I watched the poorly English dubbed version with the title "Rumble in HK".
I had read so many things about this movie: how bad and boring it is etc.
Maybe that's the reason why I was surprised. I thought this would be a lot of crap but actually it's just a "boring" movie. Okay, the fighting isn't that great but I think the big problem here is the leading star Charlie Chin (hearthrob of the 70s, member of the original cast of the "Lucky Stars" in the 80s and long-time friend of Jackie Chan). Charlie isn't a fighter; he never was and never will be one. He doesn't have a clue of martial arts.

This movie is made for Charlie Chin's fans and not for Jackie's.
Okay, the story could be told in about 5 minutes, the fights are bad, Jackie's look is irritative (see the earlier reviews)... but still I can say that I know far worse movies than this.

Score: 2/10

The Drunken Master's Review: Well, one day I took a trip to Conneticut, and I decided I'd buy some early Jackie Chan films.  I got this for $7.99.
Jackie plays a villain.  Jackie Chan is NOT a villain!  To make things worse, he had to appear with a gigantic mole on his face!  And, worst of all, in the end, Jackie gets beat up by a guy whose butt he could've kicked in ten seconds!  C'mon!
Do not buy this movie if you like Jackie Chan.  I can't stand to watch my hero get beat up.

Score: 3/10


SCORE: 2/10

JF's Review: Police Woman. What a boring movie. Jackie's part is too minimal for it to really count as a performance.

BUT I do have to point out that the plot IS a thoughtful one. It weighs the benefits of doing a good deed against the futility of it. When you look at it from that perspective, the movie is merely rather boring instead of an awful disappointment. Don't bother seeing it just for Jackie.

Joe's Review: Arg!!! bad bad movie, with Jackie having something on the side of his face. It was so boring and I haven't even watched the whole thing yet

Score: 3/10

Řivind Aas' Review: The plot: A taxi driver named Cheng Chen is getting beaten up by a ruthless gang who is looking for somebody's purse. You see in the beginning the villian (Jackie Chan) and his friends are chasing a girl which is dying in Cheng Chen`s cab. Cheng Chen wants to find out why they want that purse. He is contacting a police woman named Ho-Mei-Hwa which is the girl`s (the one who died in Cheng Chen`s taxi) sister. Together they fight the gang and the boss who is selling drugs.

Review: Before I saw this film I thought it had something to do with "Rumble in the Bronx" but it doesn't so don't be fooled by the title. There were a lot of questions that I asked to my self and that is: Why doesn't Jackie Chan have the main role? Why does he play the bad guy? And why the heck does he have a huge hairy mole on his face? (hey it was the 70`s fault or the director). And what is the matter with the director? (don't ask me). If you are a bigger Jackie Chan fan then me don't see this film because you don't know what pain I been threw. And by the way the picture quality reminds me about "Fantasy Mission Force"(that's terrible!). The sound and the dubbing is also crappy, the only thing that I think it was cool was the music when the movie title showed up. This is a "stay away" movie and I'm not kidding! 

Score: 1/10

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