Fearless Hyena 2 (1980)

Synopsis:  “Two brothers get together to avenge the death of their father at the hands of a local gang”. (from “I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action) 

Debbie's Review:  This was the last thing Jackie worked on when he was still under contract to Lo Wei. After shooting only a scene or two, he went to work for Golden Harvest, leaving Hyena 2 unfinished. The unscrupulous Lo went ahead and finished the film without Jackie, using a double and some left-over footage from Fearless Hyena, along with some stolen footage from Drunken Master. The result is simply disastrous: a boring, disjointed, unintelligible mess. However, there are two scenes that are worth seeing: first is a betting contest in which one team dares the other to complete a difficult task. Jackie comes up with a nifty sequence where he and his partner wriggle in and out of his jacket, sometimes both sharing it at once. Very funny. The other entertaining scene is a brief fight with a female opponent. Instead of trying to punch or kick the girl, he steals kisses. Of course this would get him into serious trouble for sexual harassment nowadays, but, hey, this was the 80s! 

Jackie was so mad at Lo for finishing the film without him that he went to court to try to block its release, but had to drop the case in order to get out of his contract with Lo, and sign with Golden Harvest. Besides the scenes I have described, the film is pretty much a waste…don’t spend your money on this one. Rent it instead.

Score: 2/10

Reader Reviews

Chan Fan1986's Review:  This is the only JC movie I had to turn off. The only movie of Jackie's that I have seen that sucked. The picture was bad and JC was barely in it. It steals footage from other JC movies and plops it into this messy crap fest movie. A couple o.k. fights, but only see this one if you are a hardcore fan like me.

Score: 1/10,if that

Adam Celander's Review:   One of the worst movies ever. Jackie is barely in the film insted theres a double. The martial arts scenes are decent.

Score: 2/10

Cristopher's Review: I just say, I don't like this movies, but as a Jackie Fan I must see it, And like a said, it's no fun see 30% of the film with Jackie chan then the next 70% no jackie chan. And the call it a Jackie Chan movies.

Joe's Review: One of the few Chan movies I just can't watch in one sitting, just horrid! 

Score: 0/10

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