Operation Condor   (1990)
aka Armour of God 2

Synopsis:  Jackie returns as the Asian Hawk – this time hunting lost Nazi gold in the Sahara desert.  Joining him for the trip is a trio of Chan babes – Chinese comedienne Do Do Cheng, Japanese cutie Shoko Ikeda and westerner Eva Cobo Garcia.  That’s all you need to know! 

Cal's Review:  After Miracles flopped, Jackie was in need of a hit.  What better way to restore the world’s faith in Jackie Chan than a sequel to his highest grossing film of all, Armour of God?  Although it bears little resemblance to it’s prequel – no Rosamund Kwan, Lola Forner or Alan Tam – Operation Condor exceeds the original in every way.  The film moves along swiftly, and hardy a minute goes by without something going on.  Highlights include a motorbike jump off a harbour, where Jackie grabs a ship’s cargo net in mid air, and a fantastic finale in the abandoned Nazi base.  As well as a gripping set of stunts and fights, it also includes a brilliantly devised end-piece in a wind tunnel.  Jackie and his crew really went to town on this, and it shows.  Every physical gag is carried off perfectly, with combatants struggling with zero gravity and each other to win the upper hand.  Altogether, probably the most action packed and exciting movie of the nineties, although it proved so costly to make ($80,000,000 HK dollars – the most expensive film made in Hong Kong at the time) and took so long to film (going through two directors and three continents) that Golden Harvest couldn’t hope to turn a profit from it.  Sadly, Jackie’s free reign to do whatever he pleased was at an end, and the company insisted that he speed up production and cut his costs.  But at least his ‘golden age’ ended with a bang! 

Score: 8/10

Reader Reviews

KUNG FU SUPERCOP's Review: Operation Condor(1990)is the sequel to the film armor of god.In this one Chan starts of in a very funny scene when he takes some tresure things.They do not get mad but When he drank some water they told him that he had to marry this fat lady and he escaped in a bubble.Then he goes and sees some people and they tell them their mission.He has to go with this girl on it.Then Chan goes into someones house and saves a girl(who is the granddaughter of the person who hid the gold) from these people who want the nazi gold by taking off the girls towel and fighting them.Then she decides to come along.They stay in a hotel where some bad guys also look for them.Then Jackie chan fights the 2 bad guys.Then the girl takes a machine gun and shoots it everywhere scaring them off.They wanted the key. The ending is where there is this big fan and it makes Chan fly.I rented this movie 2,3 or 4 years ago and then I saw it on UPN.Its a very funny movie that fans of Chan should see. 

Score: 9/10

Funky Dragon's Review: Another hillarious jackie chan movie.In this one jackie teams up with 2 girls.Some men want nazi gold from one of the girls.One of my favorite parts was when jackie chan was flying and saying superman! I have not seen a jackie chan movie that i hated.I saw this also on UPN(aka SBK)If you liked armour of god watch it and if you like jackie chan you should check it out.I first actually rented this movie.

Score: 8.5/10

Anonymous Review: Wow!! This was a very good sequel to Armour of God. I reckon this film was much better than the 1st movie. The Motorcycle chase was wicked & Jackie spoke like a real American guy. The flying scene in that tunnel was well fun and its worth watching this film. This is one of my best JC collection.

Score: 10/10

Emos Tayong's Review: This is the best of all time Jackie's movies. Who said Jackie is the best asian actor on the globe?? I strongly recommend any one who come accross this movie to watch it from srart to end and tell me at the end of the movie if jackie doesn'y possess a lil' bit extra ordinary gift from God?? The fights are Heavy, the story line is awesome and all is just the BEST ever. Jackie is just the best on the globe. The final fight at the wind tunnel was one of Jackie's best fights i watched in all his movies. I will wish to see an Amour of God part 3 because the amour of God Series is the best of all.

Score: 1000/10

MadSci's Review: This movie had a few kinks as some key parts of the story is missing, But the Jaw Dropping fight scenes and the slapstick comedy held the movie up. If your a Jackie Chan fan, you must see this movie. Jackie Chan is on the edge with the incredible fights scenes at the Nazi base that is covered by the hot sands of the sahara desert and at the small room in the large hotel own by a cookie man that really likes money. Jackie Chan's 3 female friends that travel with him to find the gold also do some little action to keep the group alive. This is great entertainment

Score: 8/10

Alexander's Review:  Very good! Nice fights and i  like Jackies kick ups in the resturant scene...

Score: 6/10

Noj Airk's Review: It should be noted that I am reviewing the US release, with a few minutes cut (only a few, supposedly), Jackie's voice is self-dubbed, and the soundtrack was made in America.

Operation Condor is a truly incredible movie, that actually actually tempts one to say once finished: "Let's watch it again!  Right now!"  I can add little to this movie's glory with my words, so all I can do is elaborate on how this movie is awesome, in case you haven't seen it yet.

Plot - If you were looking for approx. 5 billion dollars worth of gold that's been the topic of much recent dispute, what do you send?  Do you send in some desert survivalist, or a man who can fight off those who will undoubtably show up around the same time to take it for themselves?  Well, how about both?  Why not also bring in the only surviving relative of the one who burried it?  While it didn't work out so gracefully and simply as this in the movie, it's the basic setup of the movie, as well as plenty of action.  It's the energy and the zest that this movie's about, as a good 40% or so is immersed purely in action sequence.  As such, the rest of the movie moves incredibly fast, and is always to the point.

Script - It's really to the script that the movie moves fast, but it doesn't mean that the script was rushed...you actually almost get the opposite idea.  True, there were several key facts that were missing from the movie, like how after saving her, how did Elsa know that Jackie was about to carry out a mission to find her grandfather's gold stache?  All that's needed in the ending of the scene in her house is her asking him: "What is this all about, really?" or something.  However, you really won't notice this occassional continuity error until you start to undo the movie's sole purpose: to make you say "wow" and "hahaha!"

Soundtrack - Very fitting for an arabian-set movie, as well as good for keeping the action in check...for the most part.  However, luckily, while it doesn't have the best action music, at least there is music playing during all the action sequences, with is rare in the genre, for some unknown reason.  However, while the American score and dubbing is quite good, not to mention that it's not the same recycled soundtrack from J. Peter Robinson, as in the Police Story's and such, I'm sure I would have still liked the original soundtrack as much, which makes one ask the eternal question of "why write a new one?"

Casting/Acting - Nobody's really an award winner, not to mention there is very few characters with more than a few lines and a few action sequences.  At first I wasn't too crazy with them, until I realized that that means that these men weren't actors; they're stuntmen.  As such, these men, without acting experience, hired only because they can fight, did quite convincing jobs as villains.  I also loved the dub for the hotel manager...I wish I could see the subtitled version, but keep his voice dubbed!  Actually, the only actor/actress I had any problem with was the actress for Momoko (don't know how to spell it).  She was convincing enough, but if you see the movie in widescreen, you can see her on the edges, simply watching the scene carry out, as if not knowing she was on camera.  But still, she isn't that bad to warrent lowering the score over.

Reviewer's Tilt - This was the first Jackie Chan movie I saw, and it's also one of his best of all time!  As such, it's my favorite!  I truly could watch this movie all day long without getting bored...the only movie in the world for me.  This movie is simply and plainly as awesome as movies can possibly be!

Breakdown -- Plot: 8, Script: 8, Soundtrack: 9, Casting/Acting: 10, Reviewer's Tilt: 10

Agent Smokums' Review: This was quite possibly the funniest movie I've ever seen in my life. Did anyone notice the guy who got his neck broken during the motorbike stunt? He drives through the warehouse and someone gets knocked over by a car, performs a forward flip and lands really painfully on his neck.

This film is so great, despite being politically incorrect. The women in this film are so mal-treated that you can't help but laugh - even when they get hit it is so comically done that it requires even a little giggle.

Score: 9.5

The Drunken Master's Review: This is a good movie, with plenty of action and adventure, the sequel to the excellent Jackie Chan Armour of God, but still, there's nothing special. All his other movies have a special feel to them, but this one just feels dull! Anyway, a good film. Don't start with it, though.

Score: 7/10

Richard's Review: I first saw this movie during a kung-fu night on television. After seeing the name in the TV Mag "Operation Condor: Armor of God II", I really didn't expect much. Then I saw it was Jackie Chan... 

And that was the beginning of my huge obsession with the great man, and because of that, this movie will always be one of my personal favorites. Anyway, onto the review! 

This is a movie for those who just want a good time. Don't worry too much about the plot and how the scenes fit together, because that isn't important. There's very little waiting between each action scene which makes for entertaining viewing the whole way through without getting bored (Which is what plagued Armour of God), and not only that, but all the set-pieces are great. This is one of his few comedy films where his humour doesn't get in the way of the fights, but rests comfortably alongside the action in the form of his three female co-stars. I prefer it that way, as you get all the laughs you want without them ruining a brilliant kung-fu battle. Another thing is that the humour is less Asian than most of his movies, and so it's rather quite funny! The hotel scene especially. The only time humour slips into the action is during the final scene, which gets rather annoying since I wanted a proper final battle. Operation Condor more than makes up for it by making that last scene hilarious and therefore, still enjoyable. 

The fighting moves performed are nifty, though not JC's best. But the fights themselves are superb. They are fast, stylish and easy to follow so you won't get confused on who's hitting who. There are a few really quick scenes where Jackie dispatches two adversaries (And disarms them at the same time to be extra cheeky), and even though they are short, they work well and deploy some stylish quick-thinking which only an action hero can do. Nay, which only a Jackie Chan action hero can do. 

The music is a bit of a let-down, but I've only watched the dubbed version, which apparently has different music to the original eastern release. When the final fighting started, I wanted a more epic tune in the background. But I'm just fussy, and it won't really take any enjoyment away for you, I'm sure. 

Operation Condor has nothing special or unique to the rest of his movies, instead it ends up being brilliant by the fact that it's pure Jackie Chan from beginning to end. One to watch again and again.

Joes' Review: O yeah baby! Some nice comedy and awwwesome action make this a saweett movie. Sorry bout that.

Score: 7.5/10

Tinnman44's Review: Jackie Chan is the funny guy I ever seen. When I watch Operation Condor,
I laughed all the way to the end and it was funny. Next time I'm going to watch it over and over again. What are those two little white pieces that Jackie put in his mouth?

Score: 5/10

Adam JC fan's Review: Jackie Chan was very funny in this movie. The story line was great. The ending fight ( in the big fan room ) was excellent. 

Score: 9.8/10

Brendan's Review: This has nothing to do with the original, but is a great movie nonetheless. The stunts, particularly the fan-room scene, are great. You'll have a few laughs in this one, and the fights are awesome. It doesn't quite match the original, but is an awesome movie anyway.

Score: 8/10

Oliver's Review: The Acting from Jackie, Yes, but from "ALL" the others, No. Jackie is a good actor and all the others in all his movie is so bad so you dont think of Jackie's acting. But this movie is still so good...and I dont care if the acting is bad...The rest of the movie is so good...the Action,stunts and comedy. You will love this movie if dont are one of this "oh no, the dialouge" cause it is dubbed.
The end scene is so fun and I dont kow how Jackie can have such a good fantasy full of comedy and stunts in his brain, And the all the stunts with the motorcyckle...up on the boxes and all the car driving the boxes away and he jumps up and hanging there (what you call it debbie... the thing he is grabbing) And there it all started I had nearly difficult to breath...when he is swinging himself around to protect him from the flying car... I dont need to say more, Jackie chan is a movie genius. 
Jackie chan maybe isnt the best actor (In body languge he is) But all the others very good Hollywod actor...Im sorry but thats the only thing they can do, Act.
Jackie can do it all.

Score: 9/10

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