Twin Dragons (1991)

Synopsis: Jackie plays twins who are separated at birth: one (Ma Yu Lau) is taken to America and raised by his natural parents to be a brilliant concert pianist and conductor, the other (Bok-Min) is found and raised in Hong Kong by a drunken prostitute, becoming an auto mechanic and a street brawler. When the pianist returns to Hong Kong for a concert, the brothers end up meeting, and become entangled in each other’s lives, creating the  predictable amount of hilarity and mayhem. 

Review:  I love this movie. The special effects are not the greatest, the twin gimmick is over-used and predictable, the female characters are the typical irritating Chan leading ladies…none of that matters! This movie is FUN! Jackie does a super job making you believe he’s two different people: a fussy, proper concert pianist, and a cigarette smoking smart-mouthed street tough, both totally believable. And if you’re a real HK movie buff, maybe you can pick out all the cameos by famous HK directors (I can’t). 

Early in the film there is a very funny fight when Bok-Min is attacked by a jealous boyfriend…he fends off the attack in a glass filled mall, reminiscent of the one in Police Story, only this time he lets the shop keeper trash the mall. The expert way he dodges punches while trying to talk the aggressor out of fighting is really clever. Admittedly, most of the action in this one consists of stunts, rather than fighting, but wait until the end! The finale takes place in a Mitsubishi testing factory, with the participants fighting in, out, under and around a variety of slamming doors and trunks, spinning tires and on-rushing crash-test cars—it’s one of the best set pieces of Jackie’s entire career. Believe me, this movie is worth buying just for the Mitsubishi factory fight. But for the ladies, there is a little romance on the side, as brothers Bok-Min and Ma Yu Lau get their lives and their girls mixed up. The American version unfortunately leaves out a beautiful song sung (dubbed, I suppose) by Maggie Cheung, and some extra comedy when the jealous boyfriend that Bok-Min has beaten to a pulp mistakes Ma Yu Lau for Bok-Min and begs to be taken on as a student…Yu Lau naturally assumes “Rocky” wants to learn piano, not Kung Fu! 

Score: 7/10

Reader Reviews

Jacob's Review: I'd love this movie. It was great. Even do the effects could be a lot better, but any way it did work. I think this has that kind of humor the just Jackie Chan has and that's what I thinks makes it so good. This ain't a hard movie to wacht 'cause it's so damn funny.

Score: 7/10

Cristopher's Review: This movie is in a special place in my heart, Becouse it took so long time to get my hand on it. almost a hole year, where I live Jackie chan isn't popular,
The movies.. I can almost say that is one of Jackies most complicatead roles he ever done. I like the movie, but the same joke comes up like every 5-10 minuts, I rather booring. and is no blommers in the end.

Score: 7/10

The Man's Review: All I have to say is that for a you loosers out there that said this movie was bad, sucked or said it was stupid; IT ROCKED! It was so funny and they were such good actors.

Score: 10/10

OJJE,S Review: The first time i saw this movie I thought it was great. THE action and the comedy is exellent. The action is great like at the start Jackie fights his way though the gang and the end fight in car factory is the best fight I've seen of Chan. The comedy is really exicting rent this video now.

Score: 10/10

Joe's Review: Hey, I liked this movie, and that's good enough for me. There's some really good action, aand is that John woo, and Tsui Hark? 

Score: 6.5/10

Biggest Fan's Review: I think that it is a good movie and that it is very fuuny, but I don't like the way he acted when he was Bok-Min. He didn't act as if he was really a street thug. Also, about the scene with him kissing the girl, I think that was kind of disrespecting his wife. Other than that, it was a good movie with great action.

Score: 8/10

Daniel's Review: I've seen both the Hong Kong and the U.S. versions of this film. I saw the U.S. version on VHS and bought the HK Universe version on DVD (If you can find it, get the superior China Star version of this movie on DVD). While the HK version has more scenes and is in its original language, the picture and sound quality of the DVD is simply aweful. So if you can stand a few missing scenes and voice-overs (although strangly, the U.S. version actually has Jackie Chan voice his own characters in the movie, in the HK version someone else dubbed Jackie's voice), get the U.S. version of this movie. But before Debbie complains that this is too much of a DVD review, let me say that I do like this movie and would recommend it to any Jackie fan.

Score: 7.5/10

Brendan's Review: I know I never usually say this about Jackie's films, but I think this one is a little over-rated. Some cool fights and amusing screwball comedy, but for some reason the feel of this film doesn't seem to come forth- the plot and the acting don't seem to quite connect, if that makes any sense at all. Worth seeing, but not one of Jackie's absolute best efforts.

Score: 6/10

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