Killer Meteor 

Synopsis: I won’t waste your time or mine with it. 

Debbie’s Review: In the three or so years that I have been a Jackie fan, I have only met one person who likes this movie, but as I only met him on the internet, I cannot vouch for his judgment or sanity. Otherwise, this movie is unanimously reviled by Jackie fans. This was the first of three favors that Jackie owed to actor Jimmy Wang Yu, in return for Wang's help early in his career: in his early 20s, Jackie was signed to a contract with Lo Wei, the man who “discovered” and directed Bruce Lee in his first film. When Jackie tried to break his contract with Lo to join Golden Harvest, Lo turned to the triads to apply pressure on him. Wang, with triad connections of his own, helped Jackie out, in return for his promise to appear in three films. 

In Killer Meteor, Jackie plays another bad guy, in a short, totally forgettable performance. The movie is boring, Wang is boring…even Jackie is boring. If you’re a big Jimmy Wang Yu fan, you might like this one. Otherwise, you’re not missing anything! 

Score: 1/10

Reader Reviews:

Anonymous Review: i think this is a preedy bad kung fu film where jackie gives one of his worst performencese and jimmy wang yu is awful. and Debbie this whas noth a film jackie did as a favour to jimmy it whas fantasy mission force and island of fire you think i am wrong, then i say that i am writting from the information jackie said in an interview i watched. [I would never say you are wrong! At least not to your face. You probably know kung fu and everything. But I wrote what I read in Jackie's Autobiography. - Debbie]

Score: 1/10

Zargo's Review: I found this movie to have a very good story, and interesting characters. It's certainly not good from a Jackie point of view (he's only in three scenes), and the fight choreography is ordinary, so I can understand why it's not ganerally popular among Jackie Chan fans.

Score: 7/10

Jer's Reveiw: I can't believe all the bad scores for this movie. I have watched all the movies from the 70's and this movie is one of the best if not the best from that time. I loved how Jackie was a bad ass and couldn't be beat. I loved the finishing moves he put on the 4 guys. It was a great movie and I liked the story. Debbie must have been blind not to have liked this movie, Jackies weapon is really cool and I just loved this movie.. [Sorry, Jer, much as I admire Jackie's weapon, I still didn't like this movie!! - Debbie]

Score: 10/10 Best 70's movie by Jackie.

Chan-o-rama's Review: Can you spell 'CRAP'. I can. K-I-L-L-E-........ Killer Meteors was one of those movies that fills you with rage. "If this disgrace can get sold around the world, then why cant my 5 min. video of me chewing gum get sold at the same stores?" Seriously. Killer Meteors would rank with something like that. Jackies face is all over the cover. Sure he's in it, but for one boring, cheesy, poorly choreographed fight. I think watching it once is overdo-ing it. Killer Meteors was the worst $2.99 that i have ever spent.

Score: not even worth 0/10

Hidden Dragon's Review: I bought this movie while on a dvd buying binge at wal-mart. i only spent $5.88 on it, and still felt ripped off. i am convinced that jackie chan was not in this movie. his minimal role could have been filled by richard gere or similarly, a blob of clay. unless you are a hard-hard-hard-core jackie chan fan, dont waste money or time on this flop of a favor. it's significance as far as jackie's career goes is zero, and i am willing to forget the existence of this flick if you are...

Score: 0/10

Adam Celander's Review: cool martial arts scenes and Jackie Chan does one of his best rolls as a bad guy. Jimmy Wu Wang is also good.
Killer meteors is directed by Lo Wei (Fists of fury).

Score: 10/10

Paul l jcf's Review: All i have to say is this movie is crap the fight's are to slow and the story sux if you wont to see a good kung fu film see same thing ells.

Mr. Saturn's Review:  This is the funniest movie ever made!  Sure, it wasn't meant to be.  In fact, if you try to take the stupid thing seriously it's the WORST movie ever made.  The acting is the worst I've ever seen, even when NOT considering the equally horrendous dubbing!  The action is lame!  The plot doesn't make any sense!  The Killer Meteor (The man) is a badass!  The Killer Meteor (the weapon) is....well, basically a stick with a Depth charge on either end!  Whenever I think about this movie I can't stop laughing for hours!  If you're a fan of funny movies that really, REALLY suck.  watch it!  Otherwise, watch out!  [Ed. note: Okay, now I know TWO people who like this movie! -Debbie] 

Score: 10/10

Brendan's Review: This movie is pretty damn horrible. Fights pretty much suck, and Jackie's character is a joke, as is the acting and dialogue. This avoids the lowest possible grade because it was ever so marginally better than the vile MASTER WITH CRACKED FINGERS. Stay away, just looking at the box might harm you. You have been warned!!!!

Score: 1.5/10

Adam JC fan's Review: This movie was not good. Jackie was barely in it and he played a bad guy. The whole movie was boring.

Score: 2.5/10

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