To Kill with Intrigue (1977)

Synopsis:  This is another very early period film, made under the direction of Lo Wei. This time Jackie plays Siao Lei, whose entire family is wiped out by the fearsome Killer Bee clan. Siao Lei alone is spared by the clan’s beautiful female leader, because, well… I guess because she thinks he’s cute. Siao Lei, however, cares only for his pregnant girlfriend, Chin-Chin, whom he has cruelly driven away with a vicious slap in the face, thus showing his deep love for her and saving her from the Killer Bees (I know…it doesn’t make any sense to me, either). Chin-Chin, with no where else to go, falls into the treacherous clutches of Siao Lei’s former best friend; and so Miss Killer Bee (who is also in love with Siao Lei) kindly devises a plan to help him win her back, which involves Siao Lei being tortured, burned and hideously disfigured (okay, I already said it doesn’t make sense!) 

Debbie's Review: According to “I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action” this movie was “no fun to make and it’s no fun to watch, either.” Well, maybe it was no fun to make, but he’s dead wrong about it being no fun to watch. Whatever the artistic merits of this film may be, it is so loaded with unintentional humor that it’s right up there at the top of my Jackie favorites. Parts of the dialogue become even more hilarious when you know that his girlfriend’s name had to be changed for Japanese audiences, because “chin-chin” is slang in Japanese for a person's "private parts". The acting is bad (even Jackie's) and the story is corny, but the great costumes and the gorgeous scenery (including the lovely actress who plays the unfortunately named Chin-Chin) make up for that. Also, the fights are surprisingly good at times, particularly the ending, and Jackie’s brooding, pouty character is truly intriguing to watch. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…puh! Rent this one instead.

Score: 7/10

Reader Reviews

Anonymous Review: awful martial arts film with a bizarre script where one of the murders of jackie famliy falls in love with jackie and traisn him!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i cant beleve that you liked this film Debbie theres noth even a good fight [Hey, I'm a woman, I don't have to be logical! - Debbie]. and debbie thsi whas a noth an early film jackie idd for Lo wEI IT WHAS AMDE IN 1977 BUT ON YOUR REVIEW IS WRITTEN 1972 [Thanks, correction made.]

Score: 1/10

Anonymous's Review: Lousy chan film. i cant understand why thisd film goth so many good reviews on thuis page i mean the fights are soemtimes filmed with a hand helld camera and the script is bizarre where the murder of jackie family falls in love with jackie and teaches him martial arts!!!!!!!!!.

Score: 1/10

Bennynn's Review: Hey, i think its not a bad movie... just pretty bad acting and corny dialogue!

Score: 7.5/10

Cal's Review: "I'm a beast! I'm a beast!" shouts Jackie. In fact, he once said that he feels sorry for anyone who sat through this movie. While it may not be the best thing he ever did, there's just so much to enjoy in this film - not least a coherent plot (albeit with a gang of supernatural entities known as the Killer Bees). If you are the sort of person who likes GOOD bad films and crazily inappropriate dialogue, then you'll laugh your socks off. But I like it for its sincerity and surprisingly exciting end fight. And NO, I'm not being ironic! To be honest, I prefer this one to some of his 80's films...but not many!

Score: 8/10

A Review: Well I think that I have reviewed enough movies and I think Im popular in this site. Well now about the movie it is very good but I think that it isnt a typicall Jackie Chan movie

Score: 6/10

JF's Review: Oh my, this is one of my faves as well. His acting is sort of awful. OK, it's really awful. I give him credit for trying so hard. hehehe. But there's just something about watching Jackie longing for a girl that makes me sigh. How many times have you seen Jackie and a girl rolling around in the grass? Or getting a girl pregnant? (in a movie, that is) or longing for her so much all he could do was sit in reverie? Great stuff! 

The bad acting sends me into fits of laughter though. Poor Jackie! The end fight is very good. Too bad Jackie's been uglified by then. I would buy this movie. It needs to be seen more than just once or twice.

I always thought the title ought to have been Murder Mystery.

Score: 6/10

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