Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin (1976)

Synopsis: Eight Shaolin monks are murdered, and the manual of their secret “Snake and Crane” style of Kung Fu disappears. A young apprentice (Jackie) is sent to discover the identity of the murderer, using a fake manual as bait to draw out the killer. He is helped and hindered by various shady characters who may or may not be suspects: an obnoxiously silly old beggar, a young boy (who turns out to be a girl) and the beautiful female leader of the (I can’t remember) clan, among others. (I wonder, did real Kung Fu clans ever have female leaders?)

Debbie's Review:  There is nothing really remarkable about this film. It’s another of the Kung-Fu quickies thrown together by Lo Wei and company, with the typical 2-beat fights and period costumes. Jackie does get to display a little more of his personality in this one, with dashes of humor thrown in, but mostly the plot and the acting are pretty standard. The petite actress who plays Jackie’s sidekick, dressed as a scruffy little boy, quickly becomes very irritating. If you like 70s "Chop-Socky" films, then you might like this one…it’s not any worse than some others I’ve seen. 

Score: 4/10

Reader Reviews

Adam Celander's Review: Alot of martial arts scenes but those scenes are boring and the movie has a very thin plot.

Score: 1/10

Drunken Review Master's Review: Probably the first movie to show Jackie's true personality as well as his brand of humorous action,I really liked his careless,smarter than you are attitude in this movie it made it seem as if he's invincible. The fighting in this movie had the best choreography I've seen so far in his films,he must have spent weeks perfecting even a short 5 minute fight scene even the exhibition fight with the two warrior men that had the spears at the opening credits was beautifully done. Even though Lo Wei directed & produced this film Jackie was in charge of fight choreography and had some creative control so he made it a far more entertaing movie than most of Lo Wei's other films. P.S- I finally got another e-mail address set up so if any of my fellow reviewers or readers of this web site want to chat you can reach me at

Score: 9.5/10

Mazz's Review:  This is an average film, but still enjoyable.  There is some comedy and good fight scenes.  Jackie meets an old man who becomes his teacher.  Jackie carries a book around with him which the baddies seem to want, and he is pestered by a girl dressed as a boy, who he picks up when he offers to buy her some food. 

This was one of Jackie's films produced by Lo Wei and it is not his best by far.  Though it is worth watching. 

A very young Jackie, comedy and action.

Score: 6/10

Drunken Master's Review: Well if ya get it on Video prepare yourself for some dodgy viewing, if available on DVD then get it.
This movie is your usual run of the mill, my master(s) has been killed i have to catch the killer(s). With some comedy and average fight scenes it's worth getting to add to your collection.
It has everything from stress balls and a bamboo cane as weapons this film stretches the imagination very far.
The end battle is worth seeing over and over again, it's really woth buying this movies just for that.
And im being generous when i give it

Score: 6.4/10

Adam JC fan's Review: This movie was ok. Not a good plot. A good fight at the end.

Score: 5.5/10

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