Miracles (1989)
ka Mr. Canton and Lady Rose, or The Canton Godfather

Synopsis: After inadvertently landing the job as the head of a crime organization, country-bumpkin  Jackie tries his naive best to make the gang go legit.  He opens a nightclub, hires Anita Mui as (what else?) a singer, and wins over the respect of his underlings with a brilliant show of strength and agility.  Problems arise, however, when Jackie’s good-luck charm – a flower seller who provides him with lucky roses, reveals that her daughter is on her way to Hong Kong with her fiance and his father.  Trouble is, none of them know that she’s a humble flower seller – and if they find out, the marriage to the wealthy Wong family may well be off.  To make matters worse, one senior gang member is still smarting over Jackie’s appointment as boss, and resolves to cause as much friction with rival gang leader Tiger as possible. 

Cal's Review: It’s farce all the way.  Everyone pretends to be everyone else, and the comedy angle is played up as much as possible.  Jackie was beginning to realize that he couldn’t make his trademark high-impact action movies forever, and this was an attempt to wean his audience off a diet of non-stop action and stunts.  That isn’t to say that there isn’t any action in the movie – there are four set pieces that are truly breathtaking.  In fact, those four fight scenes (especially one set in Tiger’s tea house and the finale in a rope factory) contain more excitement and inventiveness than a hundred western productions.  Special mention must be made to the wonderful camera work and high production values throughout this film – it’s unlike anything that had been seen before or since in Hong Kong movies.  The supporting cast is quite impressive – one of the best scenes involves Bill Tung selling police inspector Ko (Richard Ng) some non-existent shares in Wong’s company, and is genuinely funny.  Sadly, the movie was an expensive flop, and Jackie pretty much went back to doing what he does best in his following projects.  But the film remains Jackie’s most solid directing performance – and time has been very good to it.  Watching this alongside later films such as Twin Dragons and First Strike shows just how good it was. 

Score: 9/10

Reader Reviews

Chan Fan1986's Review: This is definitely JC's best movie ever. Unbelievabe prop fights, amazing acting, great story, and wonderful scenery. Anita Mui is the best actress in Hong Kong along with Maggie Cheung, and it is nice to see her with Hong Kong's greatest actor. This is a beautiful movie, with comedy getting 9 of 10, acting getting 10 of 10, and action getting 10 of 10. If you have not seen this you have not seen JC's best movie.

Score: 100/10 best movie ever

HERVEY TAYLOR's Review: Miracles is a great directorial effort from Chan. The setting, the acting, the music and the costumes and scenery was elegant and nice. Anita Mui really shines too in this movie. She is also a great actress. Jackie Chan is always great, but Anita Mui helped to bring this movie up a couple of notches too. (That's the way to have a great movie isn't it?) So, then there was good appearances by Ken Lo and Richard Ng as the inspector. Aslo, very nice cameo by Amy Yip.(Her bosom cought me for a moment)
Back to the movie.....it is "Gorgeous" and has the "Heart of Dragon" dirceting it.
I don't want to over rate this movie, so I won't. As with every Jackie Chan movie, someone has to find the flaw. But Chan did his best in this movie, and represented his character very well.
When my mother watched it with me she compared it to another movie that was made a while ago. But it doesn't matter. Because America "borrows" ideas from Hong Kong movies anyway.
I honestly believe that Chan was very proud of "Miracles" and he showed many people (those who listen to him) that he can do a classic type of gangster film and combine it with his action and martial arts.
The main thing I love about this movie is that Chan is the main character, but he also isn't. There are other characters that are present and help carry the film so that it would be a surprise if Chan wasn't in the movie. That is how good it is.
Everyone got there share of fufilling the role.
And for that this truly is a classic piece of film.

Score: 10/10

Glen M's Review: I don't see how this movie could have gotten anything but a perfect 10, [ed. note: That's what I told Cal!! -Debbie] this film is amazing (and yes, I came to this conclusion BEFORE reading his book, lol). This is the only Jackie film that had me replaying the whole movie in my mind over and over. BUY IT!!!

Score: 10/10

THENEXTJACKIECHAN'S Review: Man I LOVE this film.the comedy is about 100 out of 10 and Action is 99 out of 10.the comedy is funny like hell and action scenes are really good when jackie uses his amazing kicks.well watch this if u r bored.

Score: 100/10

Ojje's review: i think this movie is pretty damm good for comedy but not his best for action. but  this is why its my favouroute film for all round entertainment and brings a different style to chans films.

Score: 9/10

alwaysjackiefan's Review: After watching about 25 (maybe more) Jackie movies, and already had stated few of my favourites, bumped into this one, had read reviews of it as being quite different. didn't know what to expect....as I've always known reviews to be quite personal..But after watching it I can honestly state that for my (even after watching about 25 Jackie movies) this one IS STANDING ON THE LONELY HIGH PLACE OF BEING NO 1!

Not only for fighting scenes (that were really breath taking and really deserved the Hong Kong award the fight choreography received..

Not only for Jackie showing he can REALLY direct...

Not only because of the awesome perfect camera management...(just look at Anita Mui entering the hotel, walking all around the set unto a balcony overlooking the beautiful sea site (ALL IN ONE SINGLE CAMERA MOVING SHOT)

Jackie has (to me) not only proved that he can (given the chance) be a tremendously talented actor/director, but also a tremendously talented editor...(just look at scene where Anita Mui singing, then get the shot of Jackie in the same song, the Mr Wu, the bad guy leaving the club, camera moving upwards to Jackie, and than backwards to Anita Mui still singing the same song.... just look at the variety of costumes and background people...

xcuse me if I got carried away...

To me this is not just a Jackie Chan movie...it is a Jackie chan movie showing a totally different Jackie Chan (and STILL fitting in!) To me this is a MASTERPIECE! A Jackie movie like he could make one in a lifetime! Very much appreciate he made it! To me this is not just a HK movie, it is a PIECE OF ART!...And keeping Miracles in Mind, watching HK movies (at least to me) will never be the same!

Score: over ten (if possible) ***

Juan Contreras' Review: This is one of my favorite Jackie Chan movies. I can sit back and enjoy watching it. It may lack the action of Project A or Police Story, but it shows that Jackie can handle drama as well as action. It has great comedy and some real good action choreography, like the final fight in the rope factory. And the directing style is also great. It also has many cameos from other Hong Kong actors.

Score: 10/10

Peter A's Review: This is a great movie- it has everything. Action, comedy, drama-it has something for everybody. A great film.

Score: 8.5/10

Joe's Review: Good movie marred by length and and everything else except the action. But the action is great.

Score: 6/10.

Brendan's Review: This movie is pretty damn good. Cool, well-staged and well-shot fights, some good comedy, and a little drama too. A little different to your average Chan flick, but quite enjoyable nonetheless. Camera-work is top-notch, the scene with Jackie's intended walking through a building is his favourite moment as a director. Well worth watching, just be prepared for something a LITTLE different to usual.

Score: 7/10

"Biggiest Fan"s Review: I think it was a pretty good movie. Even though there wasn't enough action. It was mostly talking and drama. Also, when I read the summary on the back of the video box, it had nothing to do with the story. It goes from one subject to another. First it was about him trying to get along with the gang than somehow it got switched to him helping her about her problem and totally went off that he was trying to get with the gang which was pretty confusing. 

Score: 8/10

Adam JC fan's Review: This movie was ok. I wish there would of been a little more fighting. That is what I was expecting before I rented it. 

Score: 7/10

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