Police Story 2 (1988)

Synopsis:   Ka Kui is demoted to traffic cop after his destruction of the mall and the crime gang from Police Story 1.  He finds that the gang boss has been released early due to a terminal illness, and planning revenge.  It turns out that heís the least of Ka Kuiís problems, however, when terrorist bombers start to blow up bits of Hong Kong that their owners havenít finished with yet.  May (Maggie Cheung) Ė Ka Kuiís long-suffering girlfriend Ė finds herself kidnapped.  Itís up to Jackie to save the day againÖ 

Cal's Review:  This surprisingly grim sequel lacks the originality of the first film as well as the whimsical nature, but loses none of the action.  One stand out scene follows another, including another bus stunt Ė this time he surfs the roof and dives through a (real, as it turns out) glass frontage.  The fight in the playground is as inventive as you can get Ė and is the fastest bit of action Iíve ever seen!  Also the warehouse showdown is superb Ė a series of literally breathtaking stunts and a unique one-on-one with the mute Benny Ko.  

This movie was a comparative flop in Hong Kong, and you canít help but feel that if Jackie had cut the connection to the original Police Story by changing the characters, it would have been received better.  After all, how can you follow Police Story?   

Under rated, it probably stands up better today than it did in 1987.

Score: 8/10

Reader Reviews

Chan-o-rama's  review: After being blown away by the highly successful Police Story, you had to know that there would be a sequel(and a couple more). Police Story 2 is just another example of a good sequel. It had all the JC ingredients: Great fights, and great stunts. Its well worth the watch! (Did you notice that Gabby is also in the first Police Story, only as one of the undercover detectives at the start.)

Score: 9/10

HERVEY TAYLOR's Review: Gotta love Chan because he is "the man!!"
Pretty good sequal. However, just one question.
Why does Chan feel that he's got to be the under dog everytime?
He is who he is, but if he just inialated someone in a fight just once, that would show some of these Jet Li chumps a thing or two.(Don't get me wrong I like him too.)
Anyway, see the movie. It's pretty good.

Score: 7/10

James Twyman's Review:  Ok lets get one thing straight, this movie rocks (as does jackie himself) although it isn't as good as the first one. jackie chan takes up the role as ka-kui ( or at least i think thats how you spell it ) with his girl friend may (who is played by maggie cheung). the film has three main fight seqences in which he has to fight many enemies. my favourite is the one in the play area. but the only fight that left me disappointed was the finally. Ok it was explosive but for all the wrong reasons. but still a great film.

Score: 9.8/10

Jay Laurie's Review: Really good fight scenes. But don't get the dubbed version. Great final fight!

Score: 9/10

The Game's Review: Well, once again I need not say too much, everything has already been covered. The film to me, was a great follow up. This was the fourth Jackie film I saw, right after Police Story. I caught the two on cable late night, and taped them back in 1999, which I still have the tape. I was amazed at Police Story, and watching part 2 right afterwords, was a perfect follow up. I'm hoping that I can find the first two Police Story's on DVD somewhere, it's worth it. The only part that was lacking for me was that if the mute guy can go pound for pound with Jackie, why isn't he leading the group? [Maybe because he's MUTE, hehe...Debbie]

Score: 9/10

Rising Tiger 187's Review: Wow. That's pretty much all I can say about the sequel to the immortal "Police Story". I own this movie on VHS, and am hoping to buy it on DVD, but either way this movie kicked friggin' ass! What else can I say? The story was good, the action was incredible (although I felt that the showdown between Chan and the three bombers was lacking a little...compared to the mall brawl in "Police Story" that is), and the overall value of the movie was very high.

In other words: a must-see movie for all Jackie Chan fans.

Score: 8/10

Ojje's Review: Another excellent police story this time he trying to cacth some terriots and some of the story is based on the last this the boss tryes to get revenge its not quiet as good as the the first but it is wort waching any time much better all the rest exept from police story that i have seen. so the film featurs a wild bar fight at the start and the fast paced playground fight chan faced so much opponnets in that fight it was a exellant fight then another amazing fight at the end his last opponent that he faces was such an exellan kicker i tryed to copiey him but he was to good.this film is the second film ihave so far seen of chan.it might be third best when i see drunken master 2.

Score: 10/10

Joe's Review: Better than police Story. *hides*, I liked the action better, with my favorite Jackie Chan action ever with the playground fight. I love the part when he lifts up his shirt revealing a bomb.

Score: 8/10

Salim's Review: Excellent film. I think I like it just as much as Police Story 1. I think people just don't like it as much because nothing can equal Police Story, because it is one of the most original films made on earth, and no-one wants to compare to it. I think it is a bit more dull, but it is brilliant though. I like the part when Ka Kui has just managed to take the bomb off him, he runs so fast, it just makes me want to run as well, it makes me hyper. The last fight scene was amazing too, and oh yeah, another one of my fave parts was right at the beginning, when one of the lorry driver says "why don't you go and arrest some real crooks" and Chan just takes off his glasses to reveal his identity, and they all go quiet. 

Another thing I want to say about this film, anyone noticed how it is quite violent for a Jackie Chan film, he goes beserk rather than defeating the main enemy with a comedy fighting style. Oh yeah, one more thing, brilliant theme song at the just like the 1st Police Story.

Score: 9.5/10

Oliver's Review: This one is good... Very good.
The fighting scenes... Stunts scenes and and all the bombs make this one to a real Jackie movie and just the stunts are amazing. One of my favourite fighting scenes is in this one and the stunts at the end does never stops...
oh my goodness, I thought Jackie would burn to death speciely in the plastic tunnel.
A real Jackie movie to see many times... but don't try these things at home. =)

Score: 9/10

Brendan's Review: While being ever-so-slightly inferior to its prequel, this is yet another fantastic effort from Jackie. The bus-chase-scene for one is great, and Jackie is in top form for this one. The comedy is a little uneven, but again, the pace is fast and furious, making this one hell of a Chan film.

Score: 8/10

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