My Lucky Stars (1985)

Synopsis: The Lucky Stars go to Japan.  Probably because they’re popular there. 

Cal's Review:  Even though 1985 was probably the busiest year for Chan, he still managed to do a surprising amount for this film.  Easily the best of the lot if you’re a Chan fan who doesn’t care too much for all the Lucky Stars stuff - and let’s face it, that’s most of us.  He gets a good bit of the start of the movie (along with Yuen Biao this time in a more prominent role), a bit in the middle, and an entertaining fight in a funhouse that has some lethal surprises.  Other than that, though, it’s still a Lucky Stars film.  

The guys try again to molest the woman (a different trick is used in every Lucky Stars movie – and it always ends in disaster for the hapless goons).  While most regard these devices as being sexist at best, I offer here a different perspective, hitherto unvoiced by anyone who’s ever reviewed these movies.  The guys are always shown as leering, idiotic wretches, while the women are always dignified (if a little gullible).  Therefore, it seems to me that the male sex gets the rough deal most of the time.  But enough of gender politics: is it funny?  The answer is: not really, no. 

So to summarize: A few good gags, a few good fights, and the best entry in the whole Lucky Stars series.  And if you get the subtitled print, there’s a scene involving a gormless gang of Chu-Chow speakers, which is funny in a mildly xenophobic way. 

Score: 7/10

Reader Reviews

Adam Celander's Review: One of Jackie Chan,s better films. The fight scenes are cool and the humor is very funny at times.

Score: 10/10

Glen M's Review: This was quite the dissapointment. The comedy ideas were awesome but come on! The scene where one ties up the girl and the other guy come sin went on for like 6 minutes!! It was funny for what? 2 SECONDS? Please do not let this mark lead you to believe i'm Jackie biased, I love Baio and Sammo.

Score: 5/10

The Drunken Master's Review: What a crazy film! I recently bought it because Jackie Chan was supposedly the star, and Samo Hung was a star too (I like him also). After watching it, I found out:
1. I wasted my money. ($19.98)
2. I wasted my time. (99 minutes)
3. This is a very boring and stupid film. (Don't buy it)
4. Jackie isn't even the star! (Good God)
So, in other words:
DON'T BUY IT! (Unless you're collecting all his films, good or bad - like me).

Score: 4/10

Joe's Review: Stupid movie with a couple good fights. All it is is fight, get the woman, ok joke, get the woman, fight, o-k joke, repeat.

Score: 4/10

Adam JC fan's Review: This movie was not really that good. The only thing that kept me going was the fight scenes. The comedy was horrible. 

Score: 6/10

Brendan's Review: The whole comedy emphasis can be a bit much- but this is by far the best of the Lucky Stars series. The comedy is often annoying and very offbeat to say the least. A few cool fights, but I'd be tempted to call this comedy-action rather that action-comedy.

Score: 6/10

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