Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985)
aka The Target

Synopsis: Yeah, like it matters. 

Cal's Review:  Sammo takes on more of the action in this one.  Again, Jackie turns up to add more box-office appeal for the overseas markets for his big brother Ė but this would turn out to be the last time he appeared in a Lucky Stars movie.  Yuen Biao and (shiver) Andy Lau also beef up the action content.  Although Richard Norton makes a great adversary for Sammo, itís still all much of the same as far as the Lucky Stars mob goes.  This time itís the turn of Rosamund Kwan to be duped into lying in a bathtub of water with a straw in her mouth to evade a non-existent fire.  She lies there in just silk pajamas, the water making the thin material transparent as she lies there with her eyes closed, the men ogling her soft warm body and dreaming of touching the milky-smooth mounds of her firm, smallÖerm, where was I?  Oh, thatís right, itís the basest of comedies and I didnít like it one bit, your honour.  Oh, all right, some of it was good, but donít tell anyone okay? 

Score: 6/10

Reader Reviews:

Hashim's Review: I would say this film is above average. Give credit to Sammo, his carachter was quite funny. There is jus one thing that would have made this film better is if Jackie and Yuen Biao had have given more of a role to this film. They jus' played supporting roles, so there is no clue on what the hell goes on. One minute it's Jackie and then it's Sammo and they only meet right at the end. The scene with the lift and all the cameo's was bad, how come 15-20 people all fit in one lift? The script definetley needed a work on, as for Jackie, he shouldn't have bothered to appear in this film. A good COMEDY film with good fights, but a very bad script, jus for the comedy it's worth watching believe me!

Score: 7/10

Jackal's Review: O.K. everyone has branded this movie a load of rubbish and if you expect me to stand for that, well you'd be right this as all Lucky stars movies (winners and sinners was cool) has the type of vomit induced low brow humour that must have taken all but 3 seconds to write by a five year old this really is bad movie. This is defenatly one to watch for the fight scenes ONLY.

Score: 4/10

Steven Richardson's Review: This movie did pretty much suck although the factory fight scene with Jackie, Yuen and Andy did rock. Check it out for that one fight scene and some really cheesy comedy. Oh yeah and a fight between Sammo and Michelle Yeoh- Oh yeah!!!!

Score: 5/10

Brendan's Review: This movie sucks. There's no getting around it. I don't really understand the whole Lucky Stars series, but they are pretty much all awful. Not even many good fights- this movie is hard to watch. The comedy is as bad as in My Lucky Stars. I normally can watch anything with Jackie, but here, the emphasis is more on Samo Hung, who has a strange idea of just what is funny. This is a somewhat baffling film, and not one that I would recommend, unless you are a Jackie fanatic like me AND HAVE to see every movie of his that you can.

Score: 3/10

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