City Hunter (1993)

Synopsis: Jackie plays a womanizing private detective, in this live action recreation of the popular Japanese Animé cartoon City Hunter. He is hired to find a runaway heiress, but faces complications from his long-suffering secretary who has an unrequited crush on him, and has also run away. Following both runaways onto a luxury cruise ship, City Hunter must foil a terrorist plot to extort money from all the wealthy passengers, save the heiress, and make up with his secretary. 

Debbie’s Review:  If you like Japanese Animé, this one's for you! It has the feel of a cartoon, and for once the bad dubbing actually enhances the whole atmosphere. The first time I saw this film I thought it was embarrassingly stupid, with the possible exception of a clever scene where Jackie fights two incredibly tall black guys in a theater, taking his cues from Bruce Lee, who is on-screen fighting Kareem Abdul Jabaar in Game of Death. Another (supposedly) hilarious scene comes near the end, when Jackie and martial-artist/actor Gary Daniels are transformed into some of the characters from the popular “Street Fighter” video game. I have to admit, this scene is totally wasted on me, having never played the game, but I have been assured by others that this scene is side-splittingly funny.  I thought Jackie was too cute in drag, though.

However, this film started to grow on me after I watched it another time or two. It has some really fine stunts in it, and although the comedy is pretty broad and goofy, it has a certain silly charm. I like the big finale, a one on one between Jackie and bad guy Richard Norton (my favorite JC baddie, except for the ghoulishly terrifying Yuen Wah) with lots of slap-stick (literally) and magnificent jumps and twists from Jackie. 

This is a film that seems to be a bit more popular with the guys, probably because Jackie is surrounded by beautiful girls throughout. I have been told that costar Joey Wong (playing City Hunter’s secretary) is a real beauty. I’m afraid I’ll have to take the guys’ word for it. 

Personally, I think the movie is marred by some of the homoerotic humor (a couple of squirrely DJs on board sing a gratingly stupid song called “Gayla-Gayla Happy” that goes on WAY too long in my opinion, but, once more, others have assured me they find this scene hilarious). There is some homoerotic violence, and some brutal violence toward one of the female characters that I found really out of place. 

The behind the scenes story is that Jackie and director Wong Jin didn’t see eye to eye on this film so Jackie, as is his habit when he disagrees with a director, fired Wong. As revenge, Wong directed the movie “High Risk” starring Jacky Cheung, parodying Jackie as a womanizing, boozing coward who claims to do all his own dangerous stunts, but in reality is doubled by his body guard (Jet Li). Jackie was so upset by the movie that he wouldn’t speak to any of the participants until they apologized to him (which they did). 

Score: 6/10

Reader Reviews

Fox's Review:  A different movie starring Jackie Chan. City Hunter contains a lot of special humor that not everyone will preciate, but I think it's pretty good and it's fun to see a Jackie Chan movie that isn't as everyone else he does. I got a little disapointed at the "Bruce Lee scene" because it could have used more clips from the Bruce Lee movie and Jackie Chan fighting. But the golden treasure in this movie is the "Street Fighter 2 scene" where Jackie Chan fights as E. Honda and Chun Le in a humoristic way. City Hunter isn't one of Jackie Chans greatest movies. The Accidental Spy, Who am I and Rumble in the Bronx is much better movies, but City Hunter is worth watching because of the weird humour, the "Street Fighter 2 scene" and the final fight scene.

Score: 7/10

Twin Dragons' Review This was the best jackie chan movie ever it had graet comedy and excellent martial arts fight scenes that were funny in its self this is an awesome movie and they should make a sequel to it

Score: 10/10

Drunken Review Master's Review:  I've never actually seen the cartoon version of City Hunter but Jackie's character in this movie is very funny and very charasmatic it really gave the movie a nice soft humorous plot. The action isn't anything breathtaking but they do have very interesting sceens like the seemingly famous Street Fighter 2 the video game parody I really enjoyed it since I myself was a regular Street Fighter 2 wiz, they all looked so much like the characters, themselves especially Gary Daniels as Ken, if he had a little more star power he could have played him in the motion picture of SF2. Oh and how about Jackie dressed as Chun Li,hilarious, the movie itself was entertaining but the overall fighting and action were few and not that good. Overall an average JC movie to check out. P.S- I nearly threw up when I saw that they cast Kenneth Lo as a homosexual.

Score: 6.5/10

Steven H's Review:  It was nutty a Leslie Nielson type of a movie. I look at it as a spoof of Jackie Chan films. Some of the comedy was funny it was funny at parts. It is more of a comedy. Jackie Chan is very wierd in thnis movie.. Alot of dirty humor though they are pretty funny i own it but i dont watch it much I really dont care much for it though the action was too comic rather than exciting action. It is worth renting though..

Score: 4.5/10

michael dawson of cedar mount gorton manchester england's Review:  City hunter is the greatest chan movie ever, I have city hunter on video and its great I watch it every time I get home from school city hunter is like a bond movie but even better. I have the city hunter theme on cassete its great. Not only does it have a great cast but it has great martial arts scenes and stunts the theme tune is absolutely chans stunts,the brilliant acting skills of richard norton and gary daniels,the dialogue of pal sinn and the beauty of chingmy yao,joey wong and kumiko goto,make city hunter the movie of the century. TOP MARKS!

Score: 10/10 

Manny's Review: This is the greatest movie he starred. Its got comedy, action, VIOLENCE. That is why it is rated 12. This should be the the best movie for the martial arts fans.

Score: 9/10

Spike's Review: When I first saw this movie, I thought "What the bloody hell is this?! You call this a Jackie Chan film?!" And I put it on my shelf and left it.

A few months later, I put in the VCR and I loved every second of it, the comic humour is kind of annoying sometimes, especially the scene with the big hammer at the end.....God that was soooo cheesy.

But this film is class, the street fighter scene is funny as hell. The scene where Jackie is helped out by an on-screen Bruce Lee is truly amazing.

So if you don't like this film first time around take my advice and watch it again, you will love it!


Score: 8/10

Joe's Review: I love this movie! its so funny with awesome action, except the dude with the cards. The fight against the tall guys, and others are great.

Brendan's Review:  I think this is an underrated Chan flick. If you get past some annoying comic-book aspects of the visuals and ignore the fantasy-scenes, this is actually pretty good. Richard Norton makes a pretty handy villain too.

There's lots of shoot-em-up action, which is unusual. However, watch for the Bruce Lee -imitation scene. It's hilarious! Plenty of good fights, well-shot.

Score: 6.5/10

Crabby's Review: This is a good action movie, with a cool mix of martial arts and Western-style action sequences. The humour can get a little annoying too.

Score: 6.5/10

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