Crime Story (1993)

Synopsis: Crime Story is based on an actual kidnapping incident as told by the HK police officer who worked on the case. Jackie plays Det. Eddie Chan, who is assigned to protect a slightly unscrupulous HK millionaire/businessman who has been kidnapped before and fears a repeat of the event. His worst fears are realized, and when he is taken hostage once again, it is up to Det. Chan to foil the kidnappers. He soon comes to suspect fellow officer Det. Hung of being involved with the kidnappers, and begins a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with him, trying to find the hostage before it is too late. 

Debbie’s Review: Along with Heart of Dragon, this is Jackie’s most dramatic role, for which he was awarded Taiwan’s Golden Horse award (the equivalent of Hollywood’s Oscar). He gives a truly moving portrayal as a sensitive, duty bound cop with an aversion to violence, but an almost maniacal devotion to his work. This movie tends to disappoint fans who have never seen Jackie in a serious role before, and it disappointed me too, at first. Now it is one of my absolute favorite Chan films. There is no humor in this one at all…it is quite serious and dark, and for some reason that fools fans into thinking the action isn’t as good as some of his other films. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

The film starts out as a psychological portrait of a cop on the brink of a breakdown from the strains of police work, but after an odd opening sequence in which a female psychologist, whose office attire consists of a slinky black evening dress, seems more intent on seducing Det. Chan than counseling him (not that I really blame her) the film changes direction and becomes more of an action-thriller. The change probably came about as the result of artistic differences between Jackie and director Kirk Wong. Jackie won, of course, and replaced Wong as director…mainly because of a steamy sex scene that Jackie felt was out of place in a Chan film. Strangely, even though Jackie won the fight over who would direct, the sex scene remained in the film, and for once I think Jackie was wrong…the scene helps establish the character (or rather lack of it) of Det. Hung and develops the story.

On the whole, however, I think the film benefited by having Jackie take over the directing…or maybe by having two directors with different visions. The action starts out with a pulse-pounding car chase with the kidnappers (and I am usually bored to tears by car chases) and seems to keep building as the film goes along. The tension keeps mounting until the final showdown between Chan and the kidnappers: an incredible free-for-all with flying tables, chairs, televisions, shovels—you name it--along with plenty of guns and explosions. Perhaps the action takes a bit of a back seat to the story and drama in this one, but it has an edge to it that is really unique in a Chan film, and that elevates the stunts and fight scenes to a whole new level of intensity. You’ve never seen a Chan film like this, and maybe the good guy won’t win this time. Who knows?

Score: 8/10

Reader Reviews

Chan Fan1986's Review: Although this is very different for a Chan movie, it is pretty good. The first shootout at the beginning of the movie is a different style of action for Chan, it is very suspenseful and action packed. This has one of the better stories for a Hong Kong action movie, with JC playing a serious role as a cop on the edge. This film proves that JC not only can play funny, comedic roles, but is a very good actor in a serious role as well. Watch this if you are fans of Chow Yun Fat's John Woo movies, or just a JC fan, but be prepared for something a little different.

Score: 8/10...pretty good film

Christian D.'s Review: Some fan of Jackie Chan said that Jackie take over the directors and finish the film. It is not quit true. There was problem between the two over a sex scene, but it never became a Jackie's movie. It is a Kirk Wong Movie. In the style and the story. It is Kirk Wong's project and it's him who ask Jackie to play in it. This film are part of a so-called trilogie about HK police, the others movies was Rock n' roll cop and OTCB. I always been a Kirk Wong films. His passion are the crime film and his style close to the Ringo Lam movies. Realistic, gritty, dark and meticulous. Check the first Wong movie The Club, a film about triad with a real ex-member of triad and a martial artist to see the degree of violence Wong films use to get in it. Then, at first the idea of a Wong's film with Jackie Chan may seem strange. And many many western fans of Jackie may feel cheat.. or bored. But give the film a chance... To be able to appreciate the film, forget every idea of a Jacky Chan movie. think a Wong movie with Jackie Chan as star. Jackie try hard to change the project, he tried hard to change the final cut... And he succed in many way, for exemple he disike the psychologist actress and then her role became minore instead of the love affaire Wong want at first. But the film remains a good. Particularly the dark side of the police work. Jackie force to protect a man he despise, Jackie traumatised by violence. All side of a "hero" really humanised. Kirk Wong prevent us to enjoye too much the action by some tricks. For exmeple each time a police are hurt, his healt condition appeare on screen. As for OTCB and Rock N' Roll Cop, the suspense are build slowly and the police work are show in detail. I particulary enjoye the Boat scene where Jackie learn who is behind the kidnaping. Finally, i enjoye the humanisation of Jackie's charactere. He is human and by no mean a super man. See his reaction when he discover he is in the gangster "base". His reaction, his worries... ect ect.... I like the Jackie Chan's comedie (i prefere his 80's movies) but see Jackie play in an "auteur" film, it is a wlecome changement (yes author film as Kirk Wong always make movie about the same concepte, with strong visual and stylistic link between them). For those who doubt it is a Kirk Wong movie, i suggest The CLub, Gunmen, OTCB, Rock N' Roll cops, very good serious realistic crime drama.

Score: 9/10

HERVEY TAYLOR's Review: Yet another Chan movie that is in his set of "different films" and I liked it.
Although this is definately not one of my favorites, it is still a good movie.
It's a good Hong kong, Jackie Chan, and a good movie period.
This movie along with "Heart of Dragaon", "Gorgeous", "Drunken Master 2", and "Thunderblot" proves that Chan is a fine actor. He can play a funny guy or a dramatic person that calls for tears of a serious face.
Yes there was little action in it. But this is a dramatic role.
Campare it to Rush Hour and then see how they have the same amount of fights.
Yes, I know that this movie should not be compared to Rush Hour, but I do because he is in both of them. This is a winner in the Drama department and serious police thriller area too.
Though it's not for everyone I still give it two thumbs up.

Score: 7.5/10

Glen M's Review: I was disappointed immensely. I am all for Jackie turning to drama as a credible actor but this character was just boring and "blah"....didn't suit Jackie at all. Too bad, sounded like a good idea.

Score: 5.5/10

The Game's Review: Crime Story is possible the best movie Jackie has ever done. Jackie plays the part well, proving that more then just comedy is in his arsenal. I guess not too many people liked the movie because it had few fights and hardly any stunts. It bothers me that people who only watch to see a fight or Jackie to take a big stunt actually write reviews. I mean, come on, if you're not here to see Jackie as an actor, etc, then go watch a Jet Li movie.
Crime Story, his best, in my top 5 right behind Police Story.

Score: 10/10

øivind aas' Review: Plot:When a hong kong buisinessman gets kidnapped, inspector eddie chan (jackie) is on the case, working with his partner. They are everywhere looking for the kidnappers but unfortuenealy no trace found yet. But sooner or later the puzzle-pieces are falling together and eddie realizes that everything is not what it seems with his partner  Review: Based on a real event. This is one of jackies most serious movies ever.

Score: 8/10


Joe's Review: Most thinks this as a drama with some action, but I still refer to it as an action movie with drama involved. I liked it, but not the best.

Score: 6.5/10

ChanManFan's Reveiw: This is a very different Jackie Chan film. The action is a little more subdued, and Jackie carries the dramatic nature of the plot very well. The car chase at the beginning is great!

Score: 6/10

Cristopher's Review: This film is good becouse Jackie Chan is very good when he play serious story (like heart of dragon) isn't this the movies that crushed JC Legs??

Score: 9.9/10

Adam JC fan's Review: his was a very serious movie. Jackie Chan is tough and wants the truth.

Score: 7.5/10

Brendan's Review: This is an entertaining action drama, with Jackie's acting skills really being well displayed. This is VERY DIFFERENT for Jackie- the film's producers and backers must have had some doubts over its potential success. However, it's a great movie. The car-chase/shootout scene is awesome. Get ready for something incredibly different from Jackie, and you'll enjoy this great film.

Score: 7.5/10

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