Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

Synopsis: A mild-mannered TV chef (Jackie) accidentally crosses paths with an intrepid TV reporter on the run from a drug-lordís gang of thugs who are trying to retrieve an incriminating video tape from her. The tape ends up in Jackieís possession, unbeknown to him, thus making him a target of the drug pushers. 

Debbie's Review: Iíll be honest. This isnít Jackieís best work, but I have a soft spot for it, because itís the film that introduced me to his movies. Itís a pleasant enough diversion, with a couple of really clever stunts, but not much action. Director Sammo Hung ruins most of what action there is with some terribly annoying chopped and blurred slow motion effects. The story is pretty coherent for a Chan film, but I think it tries a bit too hard to copy the success of Rumble in the Bronx: same cheesy stereotypical gang members, same unsatisfying ending involving large vehicles running over things. In Rumble he had the excuse of a broken ankle, but in Mr. Nice Guy a one-on-one fight with bad guy Richard Norton would have been really nice. Instead we get Jackie in some kind of an oversized tractor smashing up the drug lordís expensive glass house. I could have done that myself.

On the plus side, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as the reporter, and Miki Lee as the girlfriend do a pretty good job, although how hard can it be when your only dialogue is "Jackie, help!"? The less said about actress Karen McLymont (Lakisha) the better. And Richard Norton is a charmingly nasty bad guy, as usual. I guess there are worse ways to kill 90 minutes (110 if you get the Hong Kong version).  

Score: 6/10

Reader Reviews

Joe's Review: why does this movie have such a bad rap? It has more action than the usual jackie chan movie. Lets count them The opening chase carriage fight van fight construction fight and plus a lot more amazing stunts now people say that police story and other movies like project a have tons more action, when they are the same!

Score: 7/10

Zargo's Review: I live not far from where this was filmed... how exciting. Pity 'Mr. Nice Guy' is so awful. This is the only Jackie movie i've seen (34 at this stage) where I want to critisise the plot, as here it is absolutly dreadful, almost every scene is ridiculous and/or cliched. I rarely critisise the humour either but here it's quite often awful as well (the 'small breasts' scene for example). Of course, thanks almost solely to Jackie it's still good entertainment, and Miki Lee is adorable.

Score: a generous 7/10

Chan-o-rama's Review: Good action, but sort of a silly plot. Jackie is a cook who accidently gets a hold of a video tape that contains footage of gangsters. Sounds a little weird. The fighting is acceptionally good though. Go see this one.

Score: 7/10

kdawg's Review:  This is one of jackies "ok" movies. There isn't much action and the acting aint too shabby either. But on the flip side,it has a good plot and good stunts. But it seems like it is a wannabe of rumble in the bronx.  And the thing that disapointed me the most is that all he did at the end was destroy a house. Woopee.If it wasn't for the lame finale i'd give it an 8.5.

Score: 7/10

Homer J's Review: What stands out for me in this fairly "standard" (in Chan terms) film is that it shows that Sammo Hung has considerable difficulty directing actors using English dialogue. The acting in this film is pretty horrendous (inc. Jackie at times) and its not all the actors' fault - a bad workman should never blame his tools.

This also marked the time when he decided to introduce a more stylised approach into his filmaking (no doubt influenced by his success with Once Upon a Time in China and America with Jet Li). Lots of very choppy camerwork and the aforementioned blurry slo-mo scenes - unnecessary and unwlecome. These techniques are useful for establishing style but not for when you want to be able to clearly see the action unfolding.

However, its not all bad. The action is up to par, and the stunts equally so, especially the frankly insane one at the end where he propels himself backwards by peddling up the wheels of the giant dumpster truck! This was also the film where he discovered JC stunt team member Brad Allen who was so good in Gorgeous, another reason to be thankful.

Its a little sad to review an "average" Jackie film, given that the man himself and the things he does are anything but, however I suppose that without these "lesser" offerings we would not be able to fully appreciate his really good stuff!

Score: 6/10

Biggiest Fan's Review: I love this movie, but some of these characters can't act. Like the female character Lakisha, some of them try too hard to act. Also, those slow motion and blurred vision is really annoying!!! It's like in every freaking scene I mean, you could even understand most of it. But it was really funny especially the part when Lakisha was scatching Jackie's back and his girlfriend caught them. I agree they shouldn't have Jackie, in the final scene, riding a bulldozer. He should have been fighting the main bad guy. But it was good. 

Score: 7/10

Stef's Review: I thought Mr. Nice Guy was brilliant, it wasn't Jackie's best film but certainly one of the best. The film has a good story line and has continuous, breath taking action all the way through, it especially gets good towards the end when the bad guys steal Jakie's girl friend, Miki (Miki Lee) and Jackie fight his way to get her back with amazing moves it worth a few watches. 


Brendan's Review: I enjoyed this movie, even though the acting approaches being laughable at times. I saw the US version, which I believe is the only one available here in Australia. Some good stuntplay, and decent comedy. The appearance by Samo Hung is amusing as well.

Score: 7/10

Oliver's Review: "I begin with the bad side."
The acting from the bad guys is like in Jackie old and dubbed movies.
Jackie act pretty god (tough not his best) But not these girls and the guys on the bad side...I get angry wahtching these girls...they shouldn act like that.
The beginning is a bit bad too...good idea about the tape but they could have done that scene better... But then when Jackie getting involved you don't think about that anymore cause he make all of this fun.
"Now to the good side"
Good fights and stunts and More of this weird,unusal and should i say Extra good choregrapht comedy. I thinking on that one in the building with all the doors...Like First strike and operation condor(in the water and in the wind tunnel) If you laughed in those movies you will laugh here too. I rate this one real good...what more can I say...see this one...but not with your mouth full of candy =D

Score: 8/10

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