Rumble in the Bronx (1994)
aka Red Bronx

Synopsis: Jackie is Keung, a Hong Kong policeman who comes to America to attend his uncle’s wedding, and help sell the Bronx grocery store that was jointly owned by his uncle (Bill Tung) and late father. Once in America, however, he receives a vicious welcome from New York’s street punks, and finds himself caught up in a nightmare of extortion and gang violence. A romance ensues between Keung and Nancy, the gang leader’s girlfriend, who just happens to live in the same apartment building as Keung, along with her handicapped brother Danny. The story further complicates itself when one of the gang members stumbles into the middle of a diamond heist, and hides the loot in Danny’s wheelchair cushion. 

Debbie's Review: This is the movie that finally made Jackie a star in America. Why this one? Why not Police Story? Project A? Armour of God? Go figure! The movie features bad guys taken directly from the Hong Kong School for Really Bad Caucasian Actors playing embarrassing stereotypes of New York City gang members. The dialogue is often laughable (after the gang members have attempted three times in as many days to brutally murder Keung, he angrily lectures them, saying “Don’t you know you are the scum of the earth?” and then “Next time we meet, I hope we will be having tea together.” Does this sort of thing work on NYC gang members?) The supporting actors, with the exception of the ever-charming “Uncle” Bill Tung, and the fantastic Anita Mui, are typically horrible, particularly poor little crippled Danny, who suffers from a cruel acting disability. And then there is the City of New York itself, with the lovely Bronx Mountains framed in the background, looking suspiciously like the Canadian Rockies. (But as Jackie says, if you’re looking at the scenery in a Jackie Chan movie, something’s wrong.) 

But so what? This movie is fun, the story moves at a quick pace, Anita Mui as the new grocery store owner steals as many scenes as she can get away with, and the stunts are hair-raising as ever, as the outtakes will show. I love this movie, maybe because Jackie is funny and charming, or maybe because he has a really good haircut. There aren’t many fights in it, it’s mostly stunts, but the fights and stunts are excellent; particularly the fight in the gang’s warehouse hang-out, where Jackie kicks some serious butt using things like refrigerators, televisions, grocery carts and skis as weapons, before inviting everyone to tea. Who could resist? 

Score: 8/10

Reader Reviews

Super nucklear Dragon's Review: (the new name for Super Dragon) T3: T4: 10/10 B1: Submit S1: Wow! The film that made Jackie chan famous in the USA.The story is about him visting his uncle and staying at his place.A biker gang ruins the store and jackie beats them up then they get revenge on him.Then it goes on like that but then he helps the bikers because of hese agents that are after tham.A very action packed stunt filled film and his fifth attempt at getting famous in the USA.His other attemptes were the protector,the big brawl and cannonball run 1 & 2.I give the film a big fat 10

Score: 10/10

Funky Dragon's Review: Finally the movie that made jackie chan famous in the united states.I love this movie its excellent.Funny and violent like the others.But i have a question...this movie was Rated R but how come after this movie he made PG-13 movies?(legend of the drunken master does not count)Plot:A man visits his uncle in the bronx and takes care of the shop while his uncles out on a honeymoon.There are gang members that attack a store so jackie beats them all up.But then he gets his ass kicked.Then he sees that the gang members are in trouble with some agents.So jackie helps them.Lots of stunts,action and violence.If you like jackie chan or martial arts movies check this one out!

Score: 10/10

???'s Review: An action packed amazing film.LIke any other J.c movie it has action comedy and stunts.This movie made Jackie famous in the U.S but he tried getting famous in the U.S in the 1980s.He tried getting famous with the big brawl,cannonball run 1&2 and the protector.Its about jackie staying in the bronx when his uncles on a honeymoon. He meets these punk bikers who terrorise the store and jackie kicks all their asses But then he decides to help the bikers because some agent guys are after them.You have to see this movie.

Score: 10/10

Fox's Review: This was the first Jackie Chan movie I saw, and though I have seen about 15 more movies staring him, this is one of my favourites. It has a warm atmosphere (sounds weird, I now). In Rumble in the Bronx, Jackie travels to New York in USA where he gets in trouble with gang members and high ranked criminals. What to do? Show them your kung-fu skills of course! Here you got what you want. A good story and well coreographed fighting scenes. None of the gang members is gonna win a oscar in their lives, but their not so good acting skills actually contributes to a "Jackie Chan feeling". See it, like it, remember it.


jackechanfan's Reviw:  this is a great martial arts action movie, that launched jackie chan into stardom in america and worldwide. i recently watched this movie again, and still its enjoyable and very decent. there are fast flowing fight scenes, stunts like when jackie jumps from one building to another without the aid of wires, car chases, explosions e.t.c. everything was realistic which made it great and entertaining, and is the reason why every fan appreciates jackie chan's work, because he really does all the stunts and fights himself. jackie really is a brave man. there is little comedy this time, but more action and drama. despite the amount of fight scenes, as there should of been more, it still a great action flick, one can watch again after a long wait without getting bored of it. however the people who watch it the first time ever will be impressed and entertained for sure. overall a definite buy for any jackie chan fan to add to their collection. its really is a brilliant martial arts action movie by the greatest martial arts action comedy actor in the world. i think its one of jackie's best movies.

Score: 8/10

Wolfgang Raudaschl's Review:  I really ask myself why nearly everybody gives this movie such a bad review? I mean, the action is great, the fightscenes are dramatic and dynamic and you see Jackie and Anita Mui (and their acting is not that bad as some of you say!). What do you want more from a Jackie Chan movie? Aren't that the reasons why you watch this kind of movies? I have to be honest: It's my favourite Jackie Chan movie. Of course it's not the best, but for me it got something special. I can't say what it is, it's just a feeling. And it was one of the first JC movies I wanted to see. It was my favourite movie before I've even seen it! (no metter how ridicilous this sounds).

Score: 10/10

Chan-o-rama's Review: This is Jackie's best American made film. [Strictly speaking, Rumble is a Hong Kong production. It was filmed in Canada, and supposed to take place in America. Debbie]  I think it has a lot im common with some of his great Hong Kong movies, its just in a different continent. After pulling off a couple unsuccessful American breakthrough flicks, Jackie came up with Rumble in the Bronx. Finally, North Americans could see the real Jackie, not some covered-up Clint Eastwood wannabe. I've seen this movie about 20 times, and watch it more!

Score: 8/10

Giraffe's Review: This is a fun Jackie film that with its combination of comedy, dodgy acting, corny script and hilariously daft storyline comes close to capturing the spirit of his classic Hong Kong pics. It's a while since I saw this film but I loved the start where he's talking with Uncle Bill (why is it always Uncle "Bill"?) in Cantonese when Uncle Bill replies we're in America so we'll speak in badly dubbed english. Brilliant! Although in general I prefer subtitles, I can't be the only fan who prefers to watch Jackie's films dubbed. As the film that brought him to prominence in the cinema world, it contains plenty of trademark inventive Jackie fights and fabulous set pieces and in fact in my opinion contains the best action of any of his films made outside Hong Kong.

By the way, Homer J says there's one scene that doesn't fit in. I counted two - the one where a hapless gang member is fed through a woodcutter Fargo style, (is this the nastiest thing that ever happened in any Jackie film?) and secondly where he's barefoot and cornered and has bottles smashed around him and the film briefly has the feel of Enter the Dragon. Is it my imagination, but was this second scene cut short in the video release? I remember it being longer and more gruesome at the cinema.

Score: 8/10

kdawg's Review: Wht does everybody(beside the next jackie chan)give this such a bad review?I thought it was very good and comon,the acting wasn't that bad.Overall the movie is good and i recomand(oops)it to any chan fan.P.S.The reason i didn't give it a 10 is because that damn billy or whatever his name is is so friggin annoying.also cause i thought it was a bit violent.

Score: 8/10

Adam Celander's Review: Horrible Jackie Chan film. The plot is bad and the fight scenes are not as good as Jackie,s other films including Drunken master, My lucky stars, Gorgeous and Police story 1 and 3. I beleve this is Jackie,s worst film after Mr nice guy. There is nobody famous in this film exept Jackie. 

Score: 1/10

Homer J's Review: Rumble in the Bronx is often cited as the movie that broke the Western audience to the charms of Jackie, however for me it is memorable for the fact that it was the first time I had ever seen anyone being run over by a huge hovercraft!

This sort of OTT stunt is typical of Rumble's no-holds barred approach which  seems to have been filmed as if to pummel the viewer with as many death-defying moments as possible. This certainly rivals "Police Story" as Jackie's most stunt intensive film ever, all the more impressive given his age was a ripe 42!

This also provides an excellent example of how infectious, fun and indeed successful a film can be despite having many of the basic ingredients at the cheap and cheerful stage. Some of the acting is truly horrendous, this isn't a case of "its so bad its good" - that would be giving the performances way too much credit. It isn't helped of course with clichéd, hammy dialogue and simple plot devices that do very little to create any sort of tension or develop characters in any way.

Additionally, given the relatively tame and inoffensive nature of Jackie's films coupled with the fact that this film is marketed as an action-comedy, there is one scene of violence that is shocking, unexpected and totally out of place given that this is a Jackie Chan film. It leaves a very unwelcome taste in the mouth.

Why was this film a success then, particularly in the States where audiences tend to be less forgiving? Simple, the film thankfully succeeds in all the areas that are important, namely the humour, stunts and fight scenes. It also helps that Jackie is his usual, charming self, and his fellow Hong Kong cohorts (Anita Mui and Bill Tung bring some welcome relief from the rest of the cast whose memberships with the Screen Actors Guild must surely be in danger of expiration.)

Perhaps the biggest reason for this films success though (particularly in the US) was the fact that in a world where films had become ever reliant on blue-screen special effects in order to provide thrills, there is still no substitute for having a man with questionable sanity climbing up the side of a multi-storey car park for the sake of our own amusement. I defy anyone who watches not to silently mouth the words, "I hope he doesn't fall".....

Scenes such as this (and others like it) in the film are examples of true movie magic which more than make up for the all too obvious flaws that stick out like a sore thumb. If any proof was needed that Jackie alone can carry a film then surely this is it.

Score: 7/10

Manny's Review: i wouldnt give this movie a straight 10, Ive seen better jackie chan movies than that, this IS a good movie but its not the best in the universe...

Old Man Fujin's Review:  It'sa magnifico. This movie is da bomb. Great action, very nice stunts (Jumping from building to building. Damn that was cool) The story line wasnt to bad either. Sure it was your usual, shop gets destroyed want revenge. But hey what can you do. Jackie of course expresses his comical slapstick style in this movie (as per usual). The part where he is having bottles chucked at him was pretty cool too. In my opinion this was definently a very nice movie and i recomend you watch it this very instant if you havent allready seen it 50 times. But why not keep watching it. I would

Score: 10/10

James's Review: Jackie's US breakthrough film can get a little to cliched, is often riddled with bad acting, and can get a little laughable at times. But it is a fun film, with some top-notch stuntwork and quality fight sequences.

The humour can get quite irritating, and the plot is virtually non-existent (but why watch a Jackie Chan film for brilliant plot development?), but it's an enjoyable ride, one that any Chan fan should enjoy.

Score: 6.5/10


Score: 8 for the jump

Ojje's Review: This movie has got a lot of stunts in it .The plot i can not understand .I like this because of the action my favorite part of is he fighting in the supermarket throwing people though the shelves. But the movie has not got any plot to it.

Score: 7/10

Biggest Fan's Review: This is a great movie. Especially Anita Mui, she is a great actress. One of my favorite parts is when the wall of the grocery store is torn off and all you see is Jackie in the living room up stairs and Anita in the bathroom still using it! It was hilarious. Also the part when Jackie was in the apartment using different things to hit the bad guy with until he got a wrench and the bad guy finally gave up.

Score: 10/10

Brendan's Review: The acting in this movie sucks, but the action is great. Great stunts and fights, and some decent comedy, even if Jackie looks a little lost in a sea of ordinary acting at times. Try it, because you'll almost undoubtedly enjoy it!!!!

Score: 7/10

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