Rush Hour (1999)

Synopsis: A Chinese diplomatís daughter is kidnapped and the authorities investigate.  The ambassador understandably wants his own man, though, and sends for his favourite cop (Jackie Chan). The Americans donít want the interference of this new guy, so they arrange for Hong Kongís finest to be escorted by Chris Tucker, which is surely a punishment much worse than death Ė and they havenít even met the guy.  The idea is, of course, to keep them both out of the way of the investigation, but of course Jackie canít be suppressed that easily and forms a team with Tucker.  Cue lots of fish-out-of-water hilarity, culture clashes galore, mutual dislike turning into buddy-buddy lovingness and eventual respect for each otherís nation and way of life.  Ahhh. 

Cal's Review: Whenever this film, or the subsequent US production Shanghai Noon, is mentioned to me by anyone who knows Iím a Chan fan, they say, ďhey Cal!  Your manís in this one!  You love it, then?Ē  I then have to sit them down and explain that if Jackie Chanís Hong Kong films can be compared to Dominoís Pizza (and I think they can), then his American films should be compared to supermarket own-brand frozen pizza.  Theyíre ok, but theyíre just not the real thing.  However, this one isnít all bad.  OK, thereís the bomb-disposal scene near the start that you just know is going to come back at the end for the pay-off, and the incidental music labours the point that the US gave the world Enter the Dragon, but at least they let Jackie off the reigns a little (which is more than can be said for Shanghai Noon).  The fights are inventive and vastly entertaining while they last Ė which sadly isnít very long for the most part, and the gag showing Jackie escaping from Chris Tucker on the bus had me grinning from ear to ear.  This one scene is vintage Jackie, showing him using all of his agility by hanging off a Hollywood street sign and using various Chan trademarks to give Tucker the slip.  In fact, if you can stomach Tuckerís brand of high-pitched comedy, youíll probably love it.  Personally, I thought he was annoying Ė not as annoying as he was in the Fifth Element Ė but annoying nevertheless.  Why do the Americans feel that Jackie needs to team up with someone?  If anyone can carry a movie alone, itís Jackie. 

Score: 7/10

Readers' Reviews

KUNG FU SUPERCOP's Review: WHAT A RIOT!!! this movie is the funnies chan movie i have seen.Its about a hong kong cop who comes to america and meets an american cop(chris tucker).They at first start to chase each other around and then they try to solve a kidnapping. They ask this guy(chris penn)for help then they Track them down get the daughter back and bust some heads.This is the best team up Chan and tucker.Also the dad of the daughter is played by one of the bad guys in the movie rapid fire starring brandon lee

Score: 9/10

Liem's Review: This is not one of his best movies by a long shot. The story is ok but the fight sequences are what make a movie and this movie lacks good fight sequences. This is probably because of the western style of movie making where you have to insure the actors. The bamboo part is great, but when jackie spies on the woman is not right cos he's supposed to be a nice guy, not a pervert.

Score: 4/10

Bruno Chen's Review: It is a beatiful movie is a best film of jackie, his a funny and powerfull kung fu master

Score: 10/10 

FAN-OF-CHAN's Review: Very nice movie from Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. I really enjoyed the beginning of the movie where they are introduced as partners. The fight scenes are not as great (typical Jackie Chan's Hollywood action). This movie has a great combination of actors as it convinced me that Chris Tucker is the best on screen duo for Chan. Get this movie if you like Chris Tucker comedy and see some Chan action on the side; you will like the combination.

Score: 6.5

kdawg's Review:  Cal, you totally deserve some trash talk about your review right now, but i will keep it on the down low. Why are you guys trashing this movie? First of all,there isn't that much action. But the comedy makes up for that. Chris Tucker is not annoying. He is very very funny. Just like the whole movie. Who the hell cares if its a hollywood chan film? It is very good and i have seen it many times. Thnks to my fave reviewer THENEXT JACKIE CHAN. I'm not gonna call names or anything. But i have one thing to say. Is cal mental?(just kidding.) [ed. note: Yes, Cal is a dangerous psychotic ,  prone to fits of violent rage. Which is why I never disagree with him, no matter how wrong he his - Debbie]

Score: 8.5/10

MarkWright's Review: poor movie, poor acting, poor story, generally a poor movie. mind the second one isn't too bad.

Score: 2/10

Hervey Taylor's Review: I went to see this movie at the theater. I had just seen and early release of "Who am I." (I got lucky and snagged an early copy before it was released in the US)
I must say that I was very disappointed in this movie. Jackie pleased a lot of people who like comedy and people who don't know about his movies, but what was he thinking. I can't stand this movie. I tried to like it, but I can't. Chan is trying to please the wrong crowd in this movie. I love his movies but this is definately not in my collection of Chan films. Neither is the second movie.
I can recommend it to the comedy lovers, although all the funny parts were also in the previews which they showed so many times.
I want to be open about this movie. It has good actors (eventhough Tucker is annoying) and good Hollywood direction. Another cookie cutter flick.
If you like Tucker then definately see it and own it. If you like Chan then see it and make your own decision.

Score: 4/10

Rzelwar's Review: This is is most likely the best movie with JC next to Legend of The drunken master. You will go head over heels with the stunts by Jackie and with Chris tucker adding laugh able parts. This is one u must bye!

Score: 10/10

Old Man Fujin's Review:  This movie is another one of my favourites. The combination of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan i think works superbly. Both Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are very funny and good actors. I thought the fights worked well also and nothing was shotty. The plot also was good and in my opinion well thought out! Rent it or buy it, your choice. But do me one favour. See it

Score: 10/10

Manny's Review: This movie is very good although i think Rush hour 2 is better. Great action scenes with Juntao(Tom wilkinson) and Carter(Chris tucker).One of the greatest movies in the 1990's.

Score: 8.5/10

Miss Vegas's Review: this is an exciting, adventurous movie in which Jackie Chan's martial arts skills are revealed!
The script is genius and un-predictable and life like with Jackie being sent home on a plane!
This is a humourous and brilliant movie which looks great!
i like the way that Jun Tao was actually a friend of Consul Han!
the scene in the casino was the highlight of the movie with Lee (Jackie) trying to save his Chinese heritage while fighting.
Carter (Chris Tucker) is the comedian in this movie with his comedy!
This movie is a must see if you like martial arts movies!
The humourous and genius script makes you want to see the sequel of this movie! 

Score: 8.5/10

Homer J's Review: Whatever you say about this film, like or loathe it, moan about the fact that is Jackie watered down, and it has Chris Tucker as his usual annoying self, one has to be thankful for the fact that it broke many people to the wonderful world that is the Jackie Chan film. What's more it broke them through a film that is light hearted, amusing and entertaining.

On a side note, I have to disagree with you slightly Cal. Whilst Jackie certainly is more than capable of carrying a movie by himself, I think he is very shrewd by teaming himself up with a partner. There were probably a number of people who saw this film and decided to view it on the strength that it was an action comedy with Chris Tucker. Come for Chris Tucker... stay for Jackie Chan. If teaming himself up with an established Hollywood name enables him to reach a larger demographic, then so be it. All the better in my opinion. Consider Jet Li. When looking at films like Romeo Must Die and The One, the focus is pretty much devoted to just him. Unfortunately, this can often have the effect of attracting martial arts film fans only. Jackie does his stuff as much as he can, but understands that the film is about allowing the co-star to shine as well (Owen Wilson?)

I liked this, I thank the stars that it was successful and meant that my friends knew what I was talking about when I kept on going on about this quick limbed Asian guy! Without Rush Hour, it is debateable whether Jackie would be as the position he is now. (sitting on top of Hollywood and laughing at all the doubters, (John Frankenheimer, anybody?? He was the guy who directed The Protector, wasn't he??)

New Line, thank you for giving Jackie his well deserved break

Score: 8/10


Score: 10/10

Brendan's Review: This is not a typical Chan film- its a "Hollywood Chan" film. But it's a good one nonetheless. The fights, while being cut way too short, are decent, and better than just about anything else that's coming out of Hollywood over the last few years. Some people may find Chris Tucker annoying- but I like his style of comedy- he's a really funny guy (If you don't believe me, see "Friday"- "C'mon man, you know I was bullsh....:). Anyway, give this a chance. You may be surprised.

Score: 6.5/10

Oliver's Review: Oho yeah. you will laughe to death and some real good fights.

Score: 8.5/10

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